What’s your favorite day of the week? Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

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I haven’t said this much lately, but for old times sake here goes – TGIF! Yes, Friday is great even for a stay at home dad/blogger like me. It means we’ll get to spend extra time with Mama RB40 and I’ll get a little time to myself on the weekend. What’s your favorite day of the week? Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Don’t think too hard about it and give your answer below.

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favorite day of the week

  • Friday – The anticipation for the weekend makes Friday the best day of the week. Beside, you can goof off after lunch, dream about what you’ll do on the weekend, and leave early for an evening out with friends.
  • Saturday – It’s party time! Saturday is perfect for going out and having fun. No work today, no work tomorrow, what can be better?
  • Sunday – The perfect day for sleeping in and rejuvenate at home.
  • Other days – You must be one of those weirdos (lucky) folks who love their jobs…

Here is where I’m going to make the tenuous connection between your favorite day of the week and retirement. Yes, it’s a stretch, but hear me out. It’s Friday after all, and we can all use a little light reading.


You enjoy anticipating and preparing for retirement.  You are saving for retirement every month and you are counting down the days until you can retire. Preparing for retirement might be better than the actual retirement for you. It’s a big challenge to make the finance work and you enjoy it. Hopefully, you’ll also prepare for the unstructured time that comes with retirement as well because that tends to get overlooked.


This is my favorite day of the week. I love to go out and have fun. If you like Saturday, your retirement should be an active one. You’ll be so busy every day, you won’t know where you found the time to work full time before retirement. You’ll never be bored because there are so many fun things to do. Of course, fun things include part time work and volunteering because idle retirement isn’t for you.


Mrs. RB40 loves Sunday. She can stay home and recover from the work week (plus whatever we drag her to on Saturday.) People who like Sunday will enjoy a more relaxing retirement. They will finally have time to do all the things they have been meaning to do. They can entertain themselves at home by reading, gardening, doing projects, playing music, and surfing the internet.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Good news and bad news here. Here is the bad news. You probably enjoy work too much and retirement will be difficult. The good news is that you enjoy working. How many people can really say that? I’d put off retirement until you really can’t work anymore. Instead of retiring, it might be better to semi-retire. You work part time in a job that you like or even open your own business.

Retirement is great, but some people can have difficulties adjusting to it. Everyone will have to define their own perfect retirement. We all change as we get older and someday I might like Sunday more than Saturday. Anyway, all this is very non scientific and I’m sure many people who like Mondays will have a great retirement as well. Have a great weekend!

What’s your favorite day of the week and why? 

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28 thoughts on “What’s your favorite day of the week? Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?”

  1. Best WAS Thursday, because I used to get home from work on Friday at 7 or 8 at night and part of the weekend was already gone. NOW it is SUNDAY, as I’m retired…strictly SCHADENFREUDE because I sleep in on Monday morning…and every day of the week.

  2. Friday has ALWAYS been my favorite. Maybe it’s the anticipation of the full weekend ahead? I am retired now, but STILL love Friday best. I was born on a Friday. Maybe that is why I love this day the most?? My favorite time of day is bed time. Could it be that I just like endings??

  3. My favorite day is Friday! It has been our “going out night”. We made it a ritual to take the kids out to eat and later to the drive-in. I am 50 and our children got to enjoy the very few last drive-in theaters here in CA. (We don’t drink and we don’t smoke so we really can’t entertain people at home, drunk people drive me nuts!) Drive ins! Those were the days, the car packed with kids, a cooler with snaks and two movies for $5! When the drive-ins started to fade away we continued taking them to regular theaters. Yep, it gets expensive but we made sure we always had dinner first and just brought some snaks. Often we included some popcorn bags from Target, hey anything to save while rasing children. Then we continued with the Friday ritual. Now that we are 50…but not retired yet…we still go out for dinner and movies. SO FRIDAY NIGHT IS OUR NIGHT. Sometimes the kids will join us. I just enjoy snuggling at the movies with my husband holding hands. We get ticket at discount prices $6 each. We are picky eaters so we already know what we are going to eat and where…I know that the food might get kind of boring for some. We just like to eat helathy food even if it is eating out, not that adventurous with food. No fast food restaurants. I ALSO LIKE WEDNESDAY BECAUSE STARTING IN APRIL WE GO TO THE FARMER’S MARKET BEHIND NORTHRIDGE MALL.

    • That’s a great family tradition. We usually just stay in on Fridays now. We are just too exhausted to do much. We’d let the kid stay up a bit and watch movies at home. Once our kid is a bit older, we’ll try to do more. It’s also hard now because it’s cold and wet.

  4. Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week and it’s not because I love work and don’t ever want to retire (trust me, I do!), it’s because of the anticipation of the weekend ahead. It seems like once you get through Thursday, then it’s all on the downward swing to the wonderful weekend!

  5. Unsurprised to see Saturday top the poll here… Although you make a good analogy for Sunday and relaxing in retirement, in real life it just means you have less time till you go back to work again.

    On that note… I’m off to bed as it’s late Sunday night here in the UK! Booo! 🙂

  6. I like Friday, but Saturday is my favorite. It is the day of the week that our family can really play together, or just chill out, depending on how people are feeling. I like to hike in the Coastal Mountains, and there’s no one better to enjoy that with than with my wife and son.

  7. I enjoy Friday’s tingle of anticipation, going to church at 5 pm on Saturday, and Sunday for reflection, writing, and renewing friendships (with myself as well as with others).

  8. Joe,

    Easy one for me: Saturdays!

    Friday is only half a weekend day, because I’m stuck at work until 6 pm. By the time I get home and settle in it’s almost 7. Then I get tired kinda early because I’ve been up since 6:30 am.

    Sundays are great, but the problem is around 7 pm or so I start thinking about the fact that I have to go back to work and I get a bit anxious and apprehensive. I have to do laundry (work clothes for the week) and get myself to bed early so that I can wake up the next morning.

    Saturday is the only day that I have completely to myself to sleep in, stay up late and do whatever I want all day long. The only problem is that one day is just not enough!

    Best wishes.

  9. it’s weird coz i kinda love Mondays. its a day i look forward to do something productive for myself, like my FI journey, rechecking goals, making sure we didnt overspend last weekend, etc. Monday gives a ‘restart’ mode on me. i love my job too so i dont really dread getting up to go to work, for the last 7 years i didnt use an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning.

    dont get me wrong, of course i love weekends! Saturday is the best for me, i loosen up and just let go on Saturdays

  10. Saturday is my “sleep in” day – Dad takes the kiddo in the morning and I can sleep in and take my time getting a shower. I think Tuesday or Wednesday will be my favorite once I retire – I can run errands without it being too crowded!

  11. Even though I love my job, it has to be Friday! I love wrapping up a good week of work, thinking about what I’ve accomplished, and anticipating family time in the late afternoon. My husband and I usually eat our one splurge meal of the week on Fridays as well and watch a movie after our little one goes to bed. So good times all around professionally and personally!

  12. I didn’t vote because there was no option for whatever day I happen to have off this week.

    I work every other weekend and varying hours and days of shifts during the week and all the days just seem to run together.

    I think that when I retire I will think Monday is the best because everyone else will be hurrying and scurrying off to work and I can roll over and fall back asleep.

  13. I’d say Saturday is still my favorite day of the week. Like you, I have a little toddler that keeps me very busy while the wife is still toiling away during the week (for the next year or two). So Saturday is the day when the wife takes the attention away from daddy for a little bit. Saturday is also the day we tend to host lunch or dinner parties with friends or hang out at someone else’s house. Or go out and do something fun! Saturday also means sleeping in since I don’t have to get up at any particular time to walk the older children to school.

    I’ll be curious to see how my perception of the days of the week change once Mrs. Root of Good hangs up her spurs and my little toddler is off to school in another 3 years.

    • I don’t think we’ll change much after Mrs. RB40 retires. We’ll see though. She is a busy body so she’ll keep herself busy somehow.

  14. This greatly depends if I’m working on a weekend or not! If I’m not working, Saturdays are great. I can sleep in and even if I procrastinate on my personal to do list, there’s still another day to get things done. If I’m working, Sundays are my favorite because that’s usually the day I get back into town and can relax 🙂

  15. They are all good now that l no longer work. I would say Monday is my favorite day, even while l still worked as l had the shortest shift then. Shopping etc is easier as most people are at work, kids in school etc. I dreaded the 12 hour shifts on my feet every other weekend.


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