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Book review: Strength Finder 2.0


Strengths Finder 2.0 from Gallup research

The premise of Strengths Finder 2.0 is that we all excel at certain things and it is essential to develop those natural talents.  The book is divided into two sections.  The first 30 pages goes over the reasons why we should develop strengths rather than fixing weaknesses and shows some examples.  The rest of the book goes over the 34 strengths in detail.

The meat of the book is actually the online test. The test is a series of questions that narrows down what your natural strengths are.  When you buy a new book, the code to take the test is inside the book and you can only take it once.  Unfortunately, if you want a family member to take the test you will have to kill another tree. 🙁 Personally, I think they should sell the code online, but then they probably can’t count it as a book sale.


Here is a sample question

I enjoy playing with children                                                             I like to study


You have 20 seconds to pick which side represent you most.  After you click an answer, it moves to the next question.

The test can take between 30-45 minutes depending on how quickly you respond.  You’re suppose to answer with your gut and not think too much.  Once you’re done, you can get your results online and go over it.

Here are my 5 strengths.


People who are especially talented in the Empathy theme can sense the feelings of other people by imagining themselves in others’ lives or others’ situations. (I think this is accurate, but my wife laughed at this.  Really hard.  She expects me to be able to read her mind and when I can’t, guess who is to blame.)


People who are especially talented in the Maximizer theme focus on strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence.  They seek to transform something strong into something superb. ( I don’t think this is correct about me. I am not a perfectionist at all, I can accept “good enough” and move on. )


People who are especially talented in the Positivity theme have an enthusiasm that is contagious. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do. (Yes, I am an eternal optimist, but I do not have that kind of  irrepressible enthusiasm. I believe everything will turn out all right and I’m definitely working toward a brighter future. )


People who are especially talented in the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal. (This is 100% accurate. I love working with friends in a small group. It takes me a long time to warm up to new people and I don’t have as much fun when there is a huge group of people to deal with.)


People who are especially talented in the Ideation theme are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena.(Yeap, I do have a lot of wacky ideas. I think a Kung Fu theme Chinese restaurant would do great. You know those tea house in Kung Fu movies where there would always be fights? Yeap, just like that. Sit down, eat, and a fight will break out and a guy will be flying by you. It would be great entertainment.)

All in all, I find Strength Finder 2.0 useful and it is pretty affordable on Amazon at around $10.  I’ll probably get one for my wife so we can see if her strengths compliment mine.

Now I just have to find the right way to put these 5 strengths together and shake out the perfect career. Any suggestions?

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Joe started Retire by 40 in 2010 to figure out how to retire early. He spent 16 years working in computer design and enjoyed the technical work immensely. However, he hated the corporate BS. He left his engineering career behind to become a stay-at-home dad/blogger at 38. At Retire by 40, Joe focuses on financial independence, early retirement, investing, saving, and passive income.

For 2018, Joe plans to diversify his passive income by investing in US heartland real estate through RealtyShares. He has 3 rental units in Portland and he believes the local market is getting overpriced.

Joe highly recommends Personal Capital for DIY investors. He logs on to Personal Capital almost daily to check his cash flow and net worth. They have many useful tools that will help every investor analyze their portfolio and plan for retirement.

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  • Aloysa October 31, 2010, 5:54 pm

    I accept my husband to read my mind as well. Why can’t you guys? Just kidding… Maybe I should write my 4th installment about dating and call it The Mind Reader. LOL

    • retirebyforty November 1, 2010, 9:25 am

      Hahah, women are all the same when it comes to that. 😉

  • Jef February 5, 2017, 6:23 pm

    Sounds like you’d be perfect for sales and from the sounds of the way you write your articles definitely agree with those 5 strengths :)!
    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to following more of your journey along the way!

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