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Here are the products I love so much that I’m recommending them. *Amazon and other affiliate links below. If you use these links, we may receive a small amount of money.


  • Skillets – I love our small Matfer Bourget black steel pan. We use it to cook eggs and it is so much better than any nonstick pan. These carbon steel skillets will last forever, unlike those nonstick pans. We also have a bigger Lodge carbon steel pan. It isn’t as nice as the Matfer Bourget, but it is a lot more affordable. You can’t go wrong with either. Although, if I had to do it over again, I’d splurge and go with Matfer Bourget. It’s just nicer and I use the pan very often. It’s worth a bit more.
  • Knives – My favorite kitchen knife is our 5″ Calphalon Santoku knife. I use it for almost everything. If I need a little more power, then I use the 6″ Calphalon chef knife. That one is Mrs. RB40’s favorite knife. You only really need 2 knives in the kitchen.
  • Rice cooker – I cook rice very often so a good rice cooker is a necessity. I know many people rave about the Zojirushi rice cooker, but I don’t like the nonstick inner pot. Those nonstick surface never last. So I went with the TATUNG rice cooker instead. The inner pot is stainless steel and it should last forever. It makes great rice. They also have a smaller/cheaper 3 cup version. I think we got our cooker when it was on sale. The price seems high at Amazon. You should check the price on newegg.com.


We slept on memory foam for many years and I don’t like it. Usually, it’s great for a few years, then my back starts hurting. Memory foam is supposed to last 10 years, but that’s not my experience. Memory foam also traps heat so the mattress is hot. If memory foam works for you, that’s great. However, it doesn’t work for us. That’s why I got a hybrid mattress from SleepEZ this time. I love it so much, I signed up to be an affiliate. 🙂

Here is a quick recap. You can see my full review here – Innerspring Latex Hybrid Mattress Review.

  • Flippable 2 sides – one firm and one medium.
  • Cooler – hybrid innerspring/latex is way better than memory foam.
  • Edge support – more sleep surface because the edge doesn’t collapse.
  • Durable – innerspring and latex are the most durable sleeping surface. Much better than memory foam.
  • Price – under $900 for a great mattress.
  • Bed in a box – You don’t need to go into a store and they have a 90 days return period. $99 return fee, though.

Check out the hybrid mattress at SleepEZ. It’s way better than our old memory foam mattress. They also have full-on latex mattresses in various models.

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