Get Your Free Stock From Robinhood

Who loves free stuff? Me and everyone I know! You’re in luck today because here is your chance to get a free stock. Robinhood, an online brokerage, is giving away one stock when you sign up for a new account. Once you have an account, you can refer friends and you’ll receive another free stock when they sign up. I opened a new account in 2017 and I received a share of Zynga. That was just $3.38, but it’s still nice to get something for free. The stock is chosen randomly from Robinhood’s settled shares, so you could get Apple, Ford, Sprint, or something else altogether. (You need to have a Social Security Number to open an account with Robinhood. ) So what’s the downside? Let’s look into it more.

*Originally written in 2017. Updated in 2021. My Zynga stock went up to $10.11. Wow! It did quite well over the past few years.

Mrs. RB40 got a share of HP when she used my link. Nice! You can get your free share of stock right here

Who is Robinhood?

Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest and he was one of my favorite childhood folklore figures. In 2017, I got a book from the library and read it to RB40Jr, but he just wasn’t interested. Kids these days have a lot more entertainment options and I must admit Star Wars space ships are more exciting than Robin Hood running around a forest. OK, I digress. Robinhood is a brokerage that charges no commission when you trade US-listed stocks and ETFs. They came a long way since 2017 and they are quite well known now. 

Back then, you can only use a smartphone to trade, but now you can also trade from a computer. The nice thing about Robinhood is that you can buy fractional shares. For example, you can buy $20 worth of Google stock. It’s nice for new investors who don’t have a lot of money yet.

Now, you can also invest in cryptocurrencies. I just purchased $20 worth of Ethereum, my first crypto investment! This is completely speculative, but why not. I already spent too much time on the sideline. There is one issue with Robinhood. You can only buy and sell in US dollars. Also, you can’t use it to buy anything or get the cryptocurrency out. For that, you need a crypto wallet account.

Free trades?

Free stock trading is great, but I am very skeptical. Every company that offers free trading in the past went out of business after a while or changed their model. How can they offer free trading? Well, here is how they make money. Robinhood makes money by charging a monthly fee on their Robinhood Gold account and taking rebates from the trading venues. You can read more about it on their site here – How Robinhood Makes Money.

With Robinhood Gold you can invest up to 2x your buying power and gain access to after-hours trading. This is basically a margin account. You borrow money to invest. I don’t like margin trading because it is risky. You can read more about the Robinhood Gold account here. Personally, I’ll stick with the regular account and trade for free.

Also, they don’t pay interest on your cash balance. That’s another way they generate income.

Robinhood is best for…

Robinhood is a great fit for new investors, especially if they’re young and don’t have a lot of money to invest. With Robinhood, you can buy a few shares of stocks and don’t have to worry about the transaction fees. You don’t need $5,000 to start investing. Anyone can start with $20. Investing can be intimidating so I think it’s great that anyone can start with so little money. The earlier you start investing, the better off you’ll be. You’ll make some mistakes and learn along the way.

Also, young investors are very comfortable with their smartphone. It’s safe to trade stocks and conduct banking transactions on your phone these days. Life is so much more convenient than when I learned how to invest. In those days, I had to call a broker to buy shares. Technology is fantastic.

New account bonus

Get Free Stock

Here is what you have to do to get a free share.

  • Sign up for a new account at Robinhood
  • Verify your email address
  • Install the Robinhood app on your phone
  • Claim your free share. You can do this in the Robinhood app.
  • Link your bank account to fund your account
  • Share your referral link with friends to get more shares!

I signed up and received my free share in less than 10 minutes so you shouldn’t have any problem with it. The share will take a couple of days to settle so you need to wait a bit before you sell. Also, you need to keep the cash in your account for 30 days.

My account

I’m not moving my dividend account at Vanguard to Robinhood. I can trade free there as well. Over the last few years, many brokerages transitioned to a no-fee trading policy. Robinhood is one of the drivers for this transition. I love it. This is a huge improvement from those phone trading days. I think we used to pay over $100 per trade. The price to learn about investing was much higher in the 90s.

Get your free stock

What are you waiting for? Sign up with Robinhood and get your free stock today! I’ll receive a free stock too when you sign up. Heh heh, that’s why it’s great to have a blog. I have an online platform where I can spread this kind of news and we both benefit. Here is my tutorial on how to start a blog and why you should. Everyone should have a blog to help track their personal goals. It’s been extremely useful for me and blogging might change your life too.

I’m sure you’re curious what kind of stock you can get so I’ll share my Robinhood portfolio below. These are all the stocks I received from referring new users.

  • SIRI
  • F
  • ZNGA
  • SPWR
  • GE
  • CLF
  • TMUS
  • ADT
  • GLUU
  • HL
  • ASXC

Portfolio value: $696

Do you have a Robinhood account? If not, you should sign up to get a free share? Let us know what you got.

Sign up with Robinhood

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56 thoughts on “Get Your Free Stock From Robinhood”

  1. I used your link to sign up. Still haven’t received my free stock. They tell me that i have to link my bank account which I did and deposited one penny. I referred my wife and she received a free share of Visa. I asked why i didn’t get referral stock and they tell me she hasn’t completed her registration. Really? Customer service sucks. I hope you received a referral stock when I signed up because I probably will never get mine.

  2. Just as an FYI, you misspelled Ethereum ?. Also, by the way, you can’t use any of the cryptos that you buy on Robinhood. You can’t move it to a wallet that lets you actually spend the cryptocurrency. It just means you bought an index that tracks the movement in prices of the cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t mean you own any of the coins.

    Just as n an FYI!

  3. I’m very skeptical of these tiny brokerage companies that seem to be springing out left and right promising dirt cheap stock trading. They want to rapidly raise their clientele by giving away freebies or extremely low commissions. Such companies are normally looking for a buyout out from a large brokerage and will likely shutdown or sellout in short-term.

    Joe, what was the name of that other such brokerage that shutdown not too long ago and customers were left hanging to either liquidate or transfer their accounts to another brokerage. I think you had an account there as you mentioned it in one of your blogs. I don’t know if they charged any transfer fee, but regardless it’s a hassle that takes away time and energy from focusing on investments and other important things.

    If you really want a good quality freebie, sign up with one of the big well known brokerage firms that have large market shares and have been around for decades. They all give out free trades or cash promotions to new customer, in some cases even existing customers can get such promotion as I’ve received them from my existing brokerage.

    • I think you might be right. Unless they have a huge customer base, they won’t make any money.
      The one that shut down was Loyal3. Zecco before that.

    • Absolutely agree. There is some bad gut feeling I have with their corporate ethics at such an early stage in the game nonetheless. I’ll sign up for a free stock, but sticking with E*Trade for the bigger stuff. Cheers.

  4. Hey Joe, I’ve been using Robinhood since last August. It really helped me obtain a deeper understanding about trading. Best of all, it’s free and there were no minimums (when I opened my account). I started with $100 and auto deposit $25/week. I think it’s perfect for beginners like me. It did receive Apple’s Design award in 2015, if that helps.

    • That’s great! It’s the perfect fit for you. It’s really nice that you learn about stock without having to pay much.

  5. I’ve had RH for maybe a year now and I love it. The interface is easy to use, easy to see transactions and your holdings, and easy to contact customer service and a response is received timely to queries. Plus I actually like the convenience of using my smartphone to see how my stocks are doing, how much dividends have been paid and where to reinvest them since trades are free.

    • You probably should update the app to the latest version. The referral link should be under “Free Stock.” It’s right in the app.

  6. I signed up with your referral. I’m curious about how they do the margin trades. 5% per year doesn’t seem bad – it is enticing, but you have to think about how you’re going to maximize that margin. Typically that’s going to lead you to making the choice to catch a “surge” as in speculating before earnings or buying on rumor.

    The only winning move is not to play. Slow and Steady baby!

    • Now probably isn’t a good time to buy on the margin. The stock market valuation seems very high. It can’t go up forever.

      • Well if I had bought NVDA on margin last week I’d have made a good amount of money 🙂

        Robinhood doesn’t allow options and therefore isn’t a brokerage of choice for me.

        I’m now established and have figured out my investment strategy and have a risk profile I’m comfortable with.

        Robinhood even though free does not provide guarantees that my order will be executed at my limit or the market price. They won’t give me a price correction, and of course they don’t allow you to invest in the broader market. It has its niche and I figure a bank like Bank of America would buy the customer base.

  7. I referred a few people as well, and the companies ranged from some GE and HPE to a lot of SIRI, CHK, VER and RAD.

    Robinhood is a great broker for beginning investors. If you are starting out today, and could not put a lot of money right away, it is a good place to be. I hope they succeed, but I also hope they are able to offer desktop investing for the older Millennials 😉


    • I think these small brokers are really just going for customer base. A larger bank will buy the assets soon. My brokerage account progression: Zecco -> TradeKing -> Ally
      LOYAL3 customers got moved to FolioFirst.

    • TANSTAAFL. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Credit Robert Heinlein for popularizing the acronym; I had no idea what it meant when I first read it in those pre-internet days.

    • Thanks! I will add this to the main post. I saw that, but didn’t think it was relevant to young investors.

  8. Gah, no free share for me as I already use Robinhood. I don’t have loads in there maybe ~$2k that I’ve invested from my allowance as my “fishing fund” and fun money. It’s like vegas but with slightly better odds, lol.

    I like it and can see how they get interest on people’s money. I’ve had ~$15 just hanging out in there for almost 9 months before I realized I could get 3 shares from a certain stock with it. Now my buying power is $1.40 or so, but if you have a lot of people like me with various amounts in an account just getting interest, it could be enough to cover costs. I find it easy enough to use from my phone or ipad, so no worries about it from me. Of course I also just have “fun money” invested there, so not a lot of skin in the game from my end. If I was investings tens of thosuands, I’d stick to someone more reputable, but that’s just me.

    • Check the app. You can share the referral link with your friends. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I’d probably add $2,000 top.

  9. I’ve been meaning to dig into this for a while now, so you just lucked out get the referral credit! I just signed up. 🙂

    I’m probably not going to use it a ton, but a free share’s still a free share!

    — Jim

      • Well, this didn’t go as smooth for me as it probably does for most people. It ended up telling me I needed to submit a copy of my driver’s license for verification. Later in the day, it needed to verify additional information. Then eventually it prompted me that I needed to lift my credit freeze I have set.

        Anyway, I’m still waiting to see what transpires, but the ball’s back in their court right now. For this effort, hopefully I get a share of something good like Google or Amazon! 🙂

        — Jim

          • Haha, call me cheap, but it was all about the mission at hand. I got a free share of Vereit (VER) worth $7.53. After the $5 cost of temporarily lifting my credit freeze, I’m up $2.53. Time spent means I probably made about $1/hr… my hourly rate wasn’t too impressive, but maybe I’ll spread the love on my site and get some free shares of other stocks as well. 🙂

            — Jim

  10. I use Robinhood, and have enjoyed it. Unlike my other brokerages, I don’t have to worry about transaction costs when I’m making the kinds of trades I can afford (we’re talking hundreds of dollars, not thousands).

    It’s the perfect tool to build a portfolio. My plan is to acquire a position I’m comfortable with, average down if I can, and eventually transfer it (outgoing ACATS is supported but incoming ACATS is not) to a full service broker. I have a Firstrade account that I started last year, but Robinhood is working for me.

    • Thanks for letting us know. It’s great to see that we can transfer the share out. It’s really nice for DCA when you don’t have to pay the transaction fees.

  11. Signed up via your wife’s link. hopefully they give you something better than I got. I received one share of VEREIT so about $7.50 worth of stock in a company I already had plenty of shares in, but hey free is free so I can’t complain 🙂 Thanks for the link!

    • Thanks! Share with your friends and see if you get better stocks. I’m not familiar with VEREIT. I got Sprint when I signed up, $7.50 is a bit low.

  12. Here’s hoping I will get a share of Google or Amazon.
    Or maybe even BRK-A ??!! Well, maybe not. LOL.

    A privacy question regarding this referral program: will the referrer know the names of the “referees”?

    • Good luck! I heard one person got Apple. Most people will get cheaper shares, though.
      Yes, the name of the referee will show.

  13. Thanks for sharing! As you mention, Robinhood is a huge a boon for young investors who don’t want commission costs to eat up their entire deposits. The refer-a-friend bonus with a free random share is also a really interesting approach!

  14. I remember reading about RobinHood a few years ago when it was getting funded (it sounded sweet when I was day trading).

    Probably won’t make a move but the idea of having an account for play money sounds fun.

    Thanks Joe

    • Yes, that is a concern. I don’t like linking my main bank account either. Robinhood seems reputable, though.

  15. Oh wow, you are lucky to have received the link! I haven’t yet and have even messaged them about hooking me up with one. Oh well, hopefully I will get one soon.

    I have ZERO problems with robinhood. They have my trust.

  16. Interesting Joe. Like you, I think I’d prefer to keep my millions with a reputable brokerage. It’s too much money to risk on somebody I’ve never heard of.

    Besides, I like having the ability to use both a computer and a smartphone. Phone-only trades seems really limiting.

    Giving up money market interest would also be a really bad idea for me. I make WAY more in interest than I spend on trades right now.

    • I just don’t see a reason why you need to use a phone app to trade. If you can’t wait until you get on a computer, then something’s wrong.


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