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{ 56 comments } DIY make your own Kotatsu table

I wrote this article in 2010 and I’m giving it a face lift. We have been using our kotatsu table for over 10 years and we love it! There is nothing better than getting warmed up at the flick of a switch when it’s cold and rainy outside. It’s definitely my favorite winter appliance. It’s […] Read More

Can you live on $1,250/month in Silicon Valley?

{ 43 comments } live on $1000 per month Silicon Valley

I was talking to my younger brother, Chris, recently and he told me his cost of living is only about $1,250 per month. That’s extremely low considering he lives in Silicon Valley, one of the more expensive areas in the USA. How does he do this? I hope he isn’t eating ramen noodles every night. […] Read More

Is 3 million dollars too much to shoot for?

{ 82 comments } frugal save money retirement

Last week, I wrote about the downside of living a frugal lifestyle – you’re out of step with American consumers and that’s not good if you want to be an entrepreneur. One reader brought up a very interesting point about living frugally. Here is Josh’s comment. “There isn’t anything wrong with being frugal as long […] Read More

Being Frugal Might Not Be A Good Idea

{ 44 comments } Being Frugal might not be a good idea if  you are an entrepreneur

Oh no, two frugal centric articles in one week! Sorry about that. I didn’t coordinate with Melanie enough so that’s why we ended up with two frugal articles this week. Don’t leave yet, though. I’m going to tell you why being frugal might not be a good idea after all. Frugal lifestyle I have always […] Read More

Six-Figure Incomes and Going Broke?

{ 51 comments } Six-Figure incomes and Broke?

Oh my goodness, have you seen this article at WSJ – Six-Figure Incomes and Facing Financial Ruin? It’s ridiculous. If you’re making a 6 figure income, it’s probably your own fault that you’re facing financial ruin. Well, barring medical problems, that is. That can ruin anyone. Here is the featured spender – Ms. Flores, 40 […] Read More

8 Tips to Help You Live Within Your Means

{ 56 comments } 8 Tips to Help You Live Within Your Means

The first step to financial independence is to live within your means. To me, that automatically means living frugally, but that’s just how I think. My family struggled financially when I was growing up so I default to saving first. When I first started working, I lived modestly and saved what I could. I lived […] Read More

Why our monthly bills seem so low…

{ 60 comments } Why our monthly bills seem so low…

I just published our March cash flow report and many comments asked me to expand it a bit more. Why are our monthly bills so low? I’ll try to explain it today. How you keep your grocery bill so low? We spent $364 (+ $40) on groceries last month. Is this low for 2 adults […] Read More

{ 35 comments } republic wireless moto x review

Last year, I finally upgraded from my old dumb phone to a smart phone from Republic Wireless. They sent me the Motorola Defy XT to review and I have been using it ever since. The Defy XT was a huge upgrade from my old phone because I now can check emails and check on my […] Read More

Can We Eat Organic On a Frugal Budget?

{ 65 comments } Can We Eat Organic On a Frugal Budget?

We are a bit late to the organic party, but I guess late is better than never. This year we plan to eat more organic food and it will be challenging on a frugal budget. We usually shop at Winco. They are a privately held, majority employee owned discount grocery chain on the west coast. […] Read More

Some Lifestyle Inflation is Inevitable

{ 55 comments } Some Lifestyle Inflation is Inevitable

I truly believe the most important factor of early retirement is the ability to save a large percentage of your income early on. To do this, we need to keep lifestyle inflation down to a minimum. Just think back to when you first graduated from college. You didn’t need to spend a lot of money […] Read More