10 Things I’ll Buy When I’m Rich

10 Things I'll Buy When I'm RichIt is going to be a fun and easy one today. I’ll share 10 things I’ll buy when I’m rich and then you tell me some of yours. We all need a break from the wild gyration on the stock market. It is nerve racking to see the stock market plunge so steeply in just a few days. However, it really hasn’t dropped that much (yet). The S&P 500 index is back to where to where it was at New Year. I missed the big dip and didn’t do anything drastic like cashing out. The only move I made was to contribute $2,000 to my 401(k). That’s just a part of my regular contributions. I wouldn’t get anxious until I see a 20% drop from the peak. It’d be time to start buying more then.

Actually, I haven’t followed the stock market closely over the last few days because I was busy with my rental condo. I had 2 showings over the weekend and processed one application on Monday. Everything looks good and we just need to sign the lease. We should get that done in the next few days. Interest really picked up recently. It must be due to the nicer weather. Also, the steps homeowners have taken to improve security at the building seem to be working. There have been much fewer problems recently. Okay, back to the fun topic of being rich.

When I’m rich

I never thought much about being rich when I was young because it was out of reach. However, it now seems like a reachable goal. I thought 3 million dollars would make me feel rich when I wrote the following post in 2013 – How much money do you need to feel wealthy? Now, that we’re very close to that goalpost, I think it’d take 5 million dollars to feel wealthy. Even after reaching that goal, we probably wouldn’t change our lifestyle much. We already live a very comfortable lifestyle and buying more stuff wouldn’t improve our quality of life much. It is still fun to dream, though. Here are 10 things I’ll buy when I’m rich.

1. A convertible

We had a cute BMW Z3 when we were in our early 30s and didn’t know better. We loved it and we had a blast driving around town with the top down. However, the maintenance was very expensive. Everything little problem cost hundreds of dollar. Eventually, it overheated and I sold it off to someone who enjoyed tinkering with broken cars. It was time to get a bigger vehicle anyway because RB40Jr was going to join the family. We got a Mazda 5 minivan and it has been a good car for us. I hope this one lasts until RB40Jr graduates from high school.

Mazda Miata

Maybe he can take it to college and we can get a new convertible. I’d love a Mazda Miata with a stick shift. It’d be a blast to drive around with the top down again. Mrs. RB40 can get her own car if she wants or just Uber everywhere. When we’re rich, I wouldn’t worry too much about having 2 cars and all the related expenses. For now, we don’t mind sharing one car.

2. A beach house

I was talking to a mom at Junior’s school recently and she mentioned going out to the coast to stay at their beach house. Wow, that sounds pretty good. I’d love a beach house too. A vacation home used to be for wealthy people, but I think it is more accessible now with the advent of Airbnb and VRBO. You can make extra money to help fund your retirement by being an Airbnb host.

Ideally, I’d like to buy a beach house in Hawaii and live there about half time. We’ll travel the rest of the year to see the world and hire a company to run it while we’re gone. This is my very long term goal. We won’t be able to do it anytime soon because RB40Jr is just in first grade. Even after he goes off to college, we’ll be busy with helping our parents. My dream beach house is still a long way off.

3. Weekly massage therapy

My shoulders are sore and tight all the time. I spend 4-5 hours on the computer every day and that puts a lot of stress on them. This is still a ton better than when I was working full time. I spent 12+ hours on the computer a day back then. Anyway, I’d love a weekly massage to help relax my shoulders and neck.

Mrs. RB40 is also tense all the time. I guess that’s life in the internet age. Everyone walks around with shoulder and neck pain. For now, I’ll see if Mrs. RB40 is willing exchanging massages every week. Even a little bit would help both of us.

4. First class tickets

Ummm… first class. We got upgraded to business class once on a Lufthansa flight from Portland to Frankfurt in 2003. It was awesome! We made fun of the sardines in coach and giggled all the way through. The flight attendant gave us Champagne in a real glass. The food was nice and we slept much better with just 2 of us on one side. Unfortunately, we haven’t made it to business class since then. So sad. 🙁 I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stomach a first class ticket even when I’m rich, but it’s on my list.

5. A heated swimming pool and hot tub.

Of course, our beach house would need a heated swimming pool and hot tub. We could go lounge in the pool every day and have pool movie parties. Mrs. RB40 had a pool in her backyard when she was young and she’d love one again.

Our hotel in Cancun had heated pools and they were so nice. It is much easier to go swimming when you don’t have to deal with the shock of getting in. Lounging in a cold pool isn’t that much fun either. Our condo pool is always too cold except on the hottest summer days.

6. An audiophile sound system

I enjoy music and an audiophile sound system would be an awesome way to spend money when I’m rich. There really isn’t much to say about this other than it is a really expensive hobby. I guess I don’t really need this because I listen to most of my music on YouTube, but isn’t that the point of this post? When you’re rich, you can be a little frivolous.

7. Better clothes

Stealth wealth has gone too far in this department. All of my clothes are cheap and very casual. We live very close to a college campus and I look like one of the students. Normally, this isn’t a problem because I like to blend in. However, I need to dress a bit nicer occasionally and when that happens, I don’t have anything to wear. Last week we went to see The Book of Mormon and I wore my black jeans and an old sweater. Mrs. RB40 is a much better dresser than I am and we’re not matching well in this category.

I just don’t like buying something expensive just to use them just once or twice per year. When I’m rich, I’ll be able to drop by Mario’s and spend a bundle on casual clothes.

Mrs. RB40 – Actually, some of the students dress better than you. But you do blend in.

8. Nice furniture

We have a mix of nice, acceptable, and junky furniture. Our dining set is falling apart and you can feel the springs in the seats. Our couch and matching reclining chair are nice quality items from Macy’s. The coffee table, TV console, and bookcases are made from cheap particle board. Our bed is moderate quality, but RB40Jr’s bed is a cheap foldout. We are not going to purchase anything right now because we plan to move into our duplex soon. When we do, I’ll pass our crappy furniture on to the college students in our building or just trash them.

Once we move to our duplex, I’d like to get nicer quality furniture. In particular, I want a nice dining set because we spend a lot of time there. The chairs need to be solid and comfortable so we can sit there for hours on end. The set needs to be able to stand up to our cat. She has been going agro on our current chairs and they are all beat up.

I’m not going to buy any more particle board furniture, but we won’t buy anything really expensive either. Heirloom quality furniture will have to wait until we’re rich. I’m not quite ready to pay $3,000 for a hand crafted dining table yet. Alternatively, I could take up wood shop as a hobby and make my own table.

dining table

9. Domestic help

Rich people need domestic help. Nobody wants to cook, clean, do laundry, shop for groceries, and clean up after pets. We all just put up with it because we have to. Well, I enjoy cooking, but the other chores are no fun at all. I’d love to have a helper come in every few days to do all the other chores.

10. A good personal trainer

When I’m rich, I’m going to hire a personal trainer to help me stay fit. My requirement is very specific, though. I need a personal trainer who pushes me just enough and not too much. All personal trainers I’ve tried pushed too hard. It’s annoying. My personal trainer also needs to be an expert on yoga and Tai chi so they can lead a class. As long as I’m dreaming, I might as well ask for everything I want.

Okay, now it’s your turn. What would you buy when you’re rich – a boat, a car, or something really cool? Let’s keep it somewhat realistic. I want a space trip too, but that’s way too expensive even for most rich people.

If you’re tired of the stock market gyration already, then check out RealtyShares. Real estate crowdfunding is an easy way to diversify your investment. You’ll probably sleep better by having less invested in the stock market.

Photo by Daniel Olah, Mazda USA, and The Joinery.

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118 thoughts on “10 Things I’ll Buy When I’m Rich”

  1. Hola from Puerto Rico!

    The island lifestyle is amazing. Weather is great, sun almost every day on the beach where my villa is located. 2 golf courses literally outside my property.

    Build a business; That would be my advice to anyone that is looking for true financial freedom. I mean if you looking to be truly independently wealthy. Just remember, in the near term you will be working much more than if you go to the daily office for work (which I did for about 10 years prior to starting my own business).

    Secondly; Implement proper control systems as you business grows so that you are able to monitor the new hires as well as the critical business metrics. This will get you past the “mom and pop” point which is where many get stuck.

    Finally; Practice the Law of Attraction many times each day. The power you will produce with this type of mindset (one of gratitude) is immense, and frankly all the hard work int he world will never get you to the level of being independently wealthy that is possible with the LOA.

    Success always!
    Dr. DW

  2. Aloha from Honolulu,

    I found it very difficult to spend money responsibly.
    I have an oceanfront home on Oahu, and a mountain home.
    Several Airbnbs in Waikiki. So enough real estate…next.

    Traveled around the world…found out I don’t want to go somewhere just for sightseeing or the culture. Plus nothing like home bed and comforts. But I do fly 1st class…cannot go back to anything less once you get used to it. I still go to “Art Basel” in Miami to purchase some inspirational art to place with my own copper art that I’ve created.

    Not into fast cars , women or gambling…although I do own a pearl white 2015 Tesla S and did beat Vegas by counting cards when Binions still had single decks…was kicked out twice…Vegas does not play fare LOL!!!

    Gourmet foods in expensive restaurants don’t have the healthiest foods, too rich for my taste. I prefer live raw vegetables…But did invest in “Salad Master”…the best and probably most expensive cookware in the world, made with 316 stainless steel / Titanium alloy (this is the only metal implanted in the human body because it doesn’t leach like every other pot & pan , including expensive restaurants.

    So what does a musician, songwriter, actor, writer do for fun?
    I just am completing my first feature film, which I am scoring and acting in.
    “Tales of the Circle Keys”. (Will be completed February 2020) I did purchase a round keyboard (Piano) with 264 keys that can play any sound file in a computer. PianoArc is the brand if you want to google.
    With my rental income and accumulated assets. I figured that I could do a low budget feature film ($150,000) every year until I die.

    Life is good 🙂
    FYI: but I am well past 40…..just turned 65 but don’t look it 🙂

    • Congratulations! You made it. You can enjoy life and do whatever you want.
      Boy, not into expensive food, travel, fast cars, women or gambling. That’s great.
      Good luck with your films!

  3. Nice list, we are there financially but of that list we’ve basically done two and will probably try a third, the rest don’t really appeal to us. We have a third car, a play car, and there are just the two of us. But it is fun and since I drive a lot on my side gigs it makes those better. We’ve also remodelled our lifetime and only house eight times so far so there isn’t much else to do. Finally I think I’ll start flying first class in the future, just because I can and I’m a little claustrophobic in coach although I’ve flown a great deal back there. As for the rest VRBO beats a vacation home like pizza beats a root canal. I rarely have time for massages, there are too many active fun things to do. My spouse doesn’t want a housekeeper, yet. We have decent furniture and replace it as it wears out. I only listen to music with headphones and I’ve got enough clothes to last forever now that I only have to dress like I’m working maybe one day a week. You can tell a great post by the number of comments, you wrote a great post!

  4. It’s interesting how of us have found ways to have so many things on this list and still be frugal. Or realize that the richer we get, the less we want this stuff.

    I like the Janis Joplin line “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”. Freedom.

    And besides if I want a beach house, I’d rather rent it. Why own it if I’m rich. I would rather enjoy a different one next time.

  5. I just came back from a life-changing trip to Fiji. In the last few months of my life, I’ve gravitated towards warm, sunny places (I’m from Canada). Fiji pretty much sealed the deal for me that I would love to live in a warm place for part of my years, especially when the snow gets really heavy here in Canada.

    So when I’m rich, I would escape 3-6months to a tropical country, live the “island life” and escape from the hustle and bustle of first world countries. I want the best of both worlds!

    And when I’m rich, I’m taking my family and closest friends with me.

  6. I’ve always felt that as long as I’m on a trajectory towards wealth, it’s okay to have splurges within reason.

    I had a Mustang convertible as a resident (used, of course). We’ve got a cabin on property with a nice, sandy beach, and we love having a hot tub. I’ve flown first class, but never paid for it, and we’ve got a number of great solid wood furniture pieces from the 1950s and 1960s. Didn’t cost us a ton, but it’s much higher quality than the big box furniture store stuff.

    It’s good to think about what you would spend money on if money were no issue. I still do that, even though I know we can probably afford most of what we want already.


  7. The weekly massage therapy one is a really good idea! I’ve been lucky enough to get massages from at my job, but nothing too involved. I’d absolutely love to make that a common thing too.

    We’ve already thought about first-class tickets too, but never pulled the trigger on them. We’ll have a chat and decide on an upper barrier for how much it’d be worth to us, then when we look at the price it’s always a TON higher. We were just booking trips to the UK this year, and it was the difference between $1,200 and $3,800 for a 9 hour flight.

    … But if money was no option, then that’d be a no-brainer. 😉

  8. Fortunately for me. I already have a couple of things that are on your list. Have not tried flying first class and really not too crazy about it either. All that I want at this time is a nice $2000 stainless steel combination gas and charcoal grill. Love grilling and entertaining!

  9. Joe, thanks for sharing your blog on RB40. I found your blog when I google “What to invest after I sell my rental home”. I just want to comment regarding Fitness. I left my job in the corporate world 18 months ago and I am in Mid-40’s. Mrs. also works so I am very blessed. I spent most time with my son who is 6 and I volunteered at his school. About 6 months ago, I started the following routine “unknowingly” that would trim my belly: Keep up with fitbit for 10K steps each day; started Ball Room dancing lesson one hour per week for twelve weeks (something that I always want to do because I can’t dance); eat more consciously so no over eat even when food is good and consume very little alcohol (wine and beer) as my old job required much customer events; jog one to two times per week on my treadmill for about 3 miles; started golfing lesson (30 min) to sharpen my game once a week plus driving range once a week (I used to have to play with customers occasionally but I was never good). It has been a surprise success that many of my friends and relatives who recently saw me said I look good and lost much of my belly (indeed I lost a few pounds). I hope you will find post helps.

  10. The Miata is the best thing on your list. Bought a 2007 that only had 30,000 miles on it in 2014 for under $15k. The car is ridiculously fun to drive, and truly is the “FI Friendly” sportscar (once our community is big enough to be a real “market segment”, they should advertise this). I’ve got paddles instead of the stick, b/c they’re much easier to deal with when the traffic is bad in Atlanta (which is most of the time)…yet they give you just as much control over the gearbox. It was over 70 today in February in Atlanta, and you bet I had the top down…

  11. Funny, was just having this conversation today! My list echos a few of yours – yard service, someone to redesign my living room, more vacations…
    But I’d also love a house with a garage & Lasik.

  12. 1) Annual Trips to Europe
    2) First Class Airline Seats(I’m 6’3″)
    3) Great Seats to Baseball Games Especially the Pirates

    I have a good life already so those three things is all I would really like to add.

  13. 3,7,8,9, and 10 we don’t need or care about.

    The only thing at this point and time I would get is more travel time. Got the beach house, convertible, and weekly massages if we wanted to.

    Maybe once we take Social Security more travel time would be in the cards. Defering sucks. LOL!

  14. When I am rich I will be buy the one thing everyone wants! Time! Being rich means that the majority of my time becomes my own again. I can choose how to interact with the world and chase things that interest me. Who knows? Maybe I will end up spinning signs on your local corner!

  15. My dream goal/purchase has always been the beach house. Not just to vacation at, but to permanently live at! Ever since I was in my young teens, when my family began going to Ft. Lauderdale every spring vacation, I dreamed of waking up every morning to the sounds of the waves.

    All of this is going to be decided though on what Mrs. FMM wants! Hopefully I can convince her along the way;)

  16. It is fun to think about what I would do if I was extremely rich. My list would be similar to yours. If money was not an issue, I would just upgrade everything. Most of my mental bandwidth, however, is spent thinking about and planning for a more modest retirement.

  17. Fun question! I think we would buy a house in Sun Valley Idaho and probably upgrade to a full commercial kitchen! If we were extremely rich with money to burn…a private jet would be pretty awesome! 🙂

  18. I would love a beach house as well! My husband just went on a work trip to the Caribbean and when he came home we both decided that is something we would love some day.

    Before that though, we would love to just buy a house in general! As we are in the process of paying off debt, we are living in a rental and I cannot wait for the day we buy our own house! Then beyond that, I would love a nicer car. I’m really not too picky, but something newer, nicer and bigger than my ’05 CRV would be fantastic. Thanks for the excuse to dream about someday a little!

  19. Our friends have a lake house and it seems like a neat idea but, for now, I’d rather visit someone else’s. I don’t really want to do the work of maintaining it. Or is that what we have people for? 😉

    Massages and first class, yes! Or business class is fine too.

    I have the same problem with my clothes and will share my new philosophy on this: get 2 nice outfits. If you don’t wear them more than once or twice a year, so what? You’ll look nice for those good occasions and the clothes will last you a really long time! It’s not like we’ll outgrow them over that time!

    Other than a few luxury options like traveling well and having more dogs, I don’t think there’s much in the way of things that I want when we have more money. I think I just want the money and security for now 😀

  20. I’m with you on the massages. I go about once a month now and love it but feel guilty about the expense. I’d love to get one at home, once a week.

  21. Completely agree with the first class tickets (though we may go that route at some point with rewards tickets anyway). Otherwise, I’m not sure what else we’d spend a ton of extra money on. Really, I’d just like the time to take month long trips (without having to quit my job).

  22. Yes! This post is making me day dream at 8AM…
    1. A mansion by the ocean and up the mountains for my parents and maids for my parents
    2. I’m gonna 1 up you Joe and get a lambo (some really obnoxious color/like bright red or bright yellow)
    3. Travel the world for 1 year providing clean water / build natural disaster prevention infrastructures to those that need it (I actually don’t need to be rich but money would help)
    4. Go to all island vacation locations (maybe buy a home on all the islands-I’m rich right? I can do anything I want)
    5. Buy myself a limited edition Hermes bag and Louboutin Heels
    6. Build an at home gym
    7. Start my own consulting firm
    8. Build my very own home from scratch
    I think a lot of these can be done without being “rich” but like always there’s nothing wrong with having money right?
    It’s really nice to see a relax blog, Joe. Everything has been money lately so this is really fun to read!

    • I’m afraid I’d crash the Lambo. A Miata can be an everyday car. Your list sounds great. I’d love a really nice home gym too.
      Oh, building your own home. That sounds like too much work. 🙂

  23. People who are categorically “Rich” have the nicest of things (i.e. have all wants fulfilled) and don’t fret the budget bc they have THAT much $.

    I would say most of us in the low millions investable net worth range are categorically well off; upper middle class.

    To me rich = ultra high net worth individuals (> $30M investable assets).

  24. Let’s say a weekly luxuruous massage for the both of you runs $80/week (I’m guessing you can get a discount if you buy say 25 massages in one go, for the next three months for the both of you).

    So that’s $4200 for the year. Given how you guys already have close to $3 million dollars (as you state), that’s like spending 0.1% of your net worth per year on this.

    I’d already do it, and not wait until you have $5 million.

    To me it seems like you’ve got the OMM syndrome … the “One More Million” syndrome… Start enjoying your life a bit more now, you can afford it!

  25. Ahahaha, I do like to daydream about this one. But I think the reality is that, once I’m “rich,” I wouldn’t buy most of this stuff anyway. You’ve got to hold onto your wealth, not throw it away!

    Anyway, for funsies, this is what I would buy with lottery money. 😉

    1. Domestic help/personal chef: I do most of the cooking and cleaning and, yeah, it totally sucks. So much of my time would be freed up if I could outsource these tasks. As an added bonus, our house would always be clean and we’d always have nutritious, tasty meals on the table.

    2. Travel. Mr. Picky Pincher has never left the U.S. and I’d love to take him on a tour of the world.

    Other than those two things, I can’t think of anything I’d like to spend money on. For me, it’s about freeing up time and prioritizing experiences over material crap.

  26. I’d skip the beach house. I know a few people who had beach houses in Hawaii. The novelty wears off. Salt/corrosion is an issue, privacy can be a problem (all beaches are public and houses can be right next to beach access points) and who knows what’s going to happen with sea level rise, king tides are more common now.

  27. I love your beach house idea! that’s something I wouldn’t mind if I were rich.

    The first thing in mind is, if I were rich, I’d love to give my parents the money so that they can enjoy. It kills to see that their whole life they’ve been hard workers and haven’t really enjoyed life as much. Next, I’d donate a generous amount to charity that support sick kids who are in need.

    After all of that, I would love to travel all over the world and try out all the food with my fiance. Then, I would love to gut our place and renovate it to our liking. And finally, I’d likely spend it on a luxury hand bag that I absolutely love! 😀

    Those are my top 5 and I can’t think of anymore at this point 🙂

  28. Except the beach house and first class tickets, you are not asking too much. Hopely you’ll get majority of the items very soon.

    For the 10 items, I need none of them. Material wise, my expectations are low. I don’t plan to own the 2nd house, too much work, would rather rent. It would be nice to be rich, just for better financial protections.

  29. I’ve dreamed of that beach house idea, too. When we were recently in Hawaii, however, a local told me that breaking into and stripping vacant vacation homes, beachfront or otherwise, is a favourite ploy of thieves and/or drug addicts.

    Regarding condos in Hawaii, watch the HOA fees. A couple we met there, also looking, were quoted $2000 a month. The condos that rent out well have lots of grounds upkeep; pools, tennis courts . . .

  30. This is a great idea for a post! It’s so much fun to daydream about this kind of stuff!
    I think I would pick Number 2, the beach home, first and foremost. This daydream pops into my head almost daily. There are actually some really affordable ones depending on where you are buying. At least, that’s what all the shows on HGTV tell me. Ha!

  31. In my opinion you already are rich 😉

    I’m sitting in Costa Rica right now, and I keep thinking about how nice it would be to have a house down here that I could just pop into whenever I want. Then I start thinking about how I would probably end up working on the house and cleaning the yard instead of surfing when I came down. Even paying 2-3k to rent a place for a month is still probably going to be cheaper than maintenance, taxes, lost investments, and added stress. So I’ll stick with renting, but it would be nice…

    As far as hiring a cleaning person, we used to have one for years. I hired her back when I had roommates so that nobody had to argue over who cleans the bathroom. I actually found her by posting an ad on Craigslist. Got a lot of responses for people who are happy to clean for $10/hour. We kept her for years after Mrs CK kicked out my roommates. The cost wasn’t excessive and it saved us a lot of time while working. We only let her go when I quit my job since it seemed ridiculous for me to sit around while she cleaned 🙂

  32. To be honest, after decades of accumulation and striving to build a 3000 sq ft dream house on three acres in Oregon with a 900 sq foot garage, and then selling everything ten years later to travel for 12 years, we now feel rich and content with next to nothing. Hard for me to believe but there is something about the need for our egos to reach our goals. I like Ram Dass’s quote: “You have to be a somebody before you can be a nobody.”

    Now in our eighties we only own a van that we have converted into a camper over the past year to indulge our lust for travel. The best part about being a nobody is we merely lock our apartment and wander off to the seacoast or the mountains or up to Canada or down to Mexico. Never realized how easy it is to live like a millionaire and be free on only a few thousand a month.

    • I LOVE this comment, and I know my husband and I will follow this path someday. I just lived in my truck for 18 months exploring all of North America, he was with me for 8 months of the journey, when he wasn’t working. I can work from the road. However, we recently bought a condo and are living in the same place again. I’m building my business, and he’s working his dream job. Both of us are doing exactly what we want, and now we are thinking about having kids. I know life with change a lot with that, and to be honest, I’m nervous about it. However, I think it’s a different kind of adventure, one I find myself looking forward to more every day. And there is no doubt in my mind that when our kids graduate high school (or maybe while they are still at home, who knows) we will hit the road again.

      Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  33. I don’t know at what point I will open the purse strings for these types of things. How much $$ is enough to feel like I can start being non-frugal? I think I’m FI but am still working but definitely not to the point where I am willing to pay for….

    1. Weekly housecleanings
    2. First class travel
    3. Travel way more
    4. House upgrades (deck repairs, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, etc)
    5. New computer & phone
    6. Nicer car
    7. Eat out more often
    8. Donate more to charities
    9. Houses/apartments in other cities
    10. Personal Trainer

  34. Good list. Nice to dream. Here’s how kids have saved me money.

    1. A convertible (or any cool sports car)
    Not going to happen. Where are the kids going to sit in a two seater? But I still own a pretty cool 24 year old 3000GT twin turbo that sits four.

    2. A beach house
    Who has time to really take advantage of a vacation home with kids and their activities and school schedule? AirBnB when we have the time, and we have the freedom to change our venue.

    3. Weekly massage therapy
    Who has the time?

    4. First class tickets
    Who’s gonna watch the kids in coach unless we have them ride with us? The extra leg room and cost are wasted on them.

    5. A heated swimming pool and hot tub.
    This one’s not bad.

    6. An audiophile sound system
    No time to just listen to music except when I’m in the car.

    7. Better clothes
    Who am I trying to impress at this point especially if one works from home living the early the retirement dream?

    8. Nice furniture
    Kids. Enough said.

    9. Domestic help
    This is a tough one. Even with money, good help is difficult to find, but a regular maid service is a luxury we enjoy. It’d be nice to leave the kids with the nanny while we jet off to Paris for the weekend, but we don’t really trust anyone to take care of our kids other than my mother and that is limited to 3 nights max.

    10. A good personal trainer
    Again, who has the time? I can save time by working out at home.

    What I never considered in my “lifestyles of the rich and famous dream” was private education for the kids. Depending upon where you live and how much you value your education, that may be the one splurge that’s worth it.

  35. I have a 2001 Ford Mustang convertible that I bought new (perhaps like your BMW Z3). It isn’t that expensive to maintain. When I look up the value, it is just a few thousand dollars. I’d think that a Miata would be even cheaper.

    I know personal finance is “personal”, so you’ll make the best decisions for you. However, I don’t think I’d need a 5M net worth to spend a few thousand on something that makes me happy.

    It sounds like two people who could use massages may be able to find a solution. You might not need to pay for it every day ;-). I’m not saying this is medical therapy, but perhaps see what happens with a few minutes each day. I think a little bit every day might be better than once a week.

    I think if you listen to most of your music on YouTube, you can get a big upgrade at a very small cost. Low bit rate streaming over computer speakers are probably the exact opposite of “audiophile.” There are reasonable priced Alexa and Google options.

    • Very cool! The kids can ride in the back for now because they’re small.
      Mrs. RB40 gave me a shoulder massage last night and it was great. I woke up sore all over, though. I need another one today. 🙂

  36. You can get a hot tub for $5k! Not bad for your happiness 🙂 Your SWR can certainly afford it what with the blog income + Mrs rb40’s income too! Make yourself happy. You’ve won the race, spend some!

    Also, FireBear and I have travelled business/first for any trip longer than 5-6 hours (non-domestic essentially) with travel hacking. No need to spend money, just spend some time thinking about points strategies :D.

    That massage does sound heavenly though. I got some of the most amazing massages + rose bath in Bali for $20 and it makes me cry whenever I think about getting a massage in NYC. The $300 massage (I didn’t pay for it) at a fancy hotel is a crappier massage than the $20 one in Bali. How magical the cost of labor + massage oil + etc is.

    • No way, a hot tub sounds good, but it never is. We wouldn’t use it enough and it’d just sit there sucking up electricity.
      The only way it’d be worth it is if it is next to a heated pool in Hawaii. 🙂
      I’ll work on travel hacking. The planning part is hard for us.
      Bali massage sounds so good. Thanks for letting me know. We’ll be sure to try it out.

        • I cannot wait to hear more about travel hacking. Our two biggest budget items are food and travel. I would love to figure out how to save money on travel. Every time I see a travel credit card that has an annual fee I get squeamish.

  37. I’ll avoid the obvious office space joke. The only thing I will do is buy a vacation home, similar to your beach home plan but probably with less people. Beyond that I have everything on my list.

  38. I’d rent the beach house then having no worries in hurricane season. For that matter, I’d live in a hotel. Not owning towels, having cleaning help and a staff at your beck and call but having no responsibilities. Changing hotels when I want a new décor.
    It’s not buying something, but I’d love to take a boat from Argentina to Antarctica and then sleep in a tent with the penguins.

    • I don’t think I’d like to live in a hotel. It’s so impersonal. I guess if you’re rich enough, you can get a big hotel room and do whatever you want.
      An Antarctica trip cost around $10,000. You don’t have to be super rich to take that trip. That price tag is high.

  39. Much as I enjoy NOT commuting on roads packed with idiots, it’s the car stuff that rings loudest in my ear. My wife and I want to become a one-car household. Right now our if-we-were-wealthy goal is a hybrid of some kind with memory seats (she’s 5’3″, I’m 6’2″). To me, luxury is pushing a button and having the car wrap itself around your body. If only there was a four-door car under 170″ long with memory seats for <$25k new or <$15k used…

    The only other things I'd like are all house-related. Gas heat and stove rather than electric, remove two of the six huge mature trees in our little 6200 square foot lot and install solar panels, a renovated wetroom bathroom with a heated tile floor, and a backyard properly landscaped for runoff management and entertaining. We should have all that squared away in the next 5-10 years.

  40. I use to have a BMW z3 and I loved it. I think I would like to have a Porsche Cayman if I had extra money to spend. I figure if we are both rich you could take care of the maintenance. Let’s call it charity. lol. Honestly, I really do not think I would change my spending habits that much. I actually get a lot of pleasure being frugal. It feels like an accomplishment. Great post!

  41. Fun question! Another vote for the Tesla. I’m not a car person at all, and I’m totally satisfied with my Prius, but I would buy a Tesla if I were really rich.

  42. The only things I can think of are things like solar panels, a solar wall, and a Tesla. That, and probably go to more music festivals, maybe one in Europe. As it is, I try to go to one a year, but I wouldn’t mind doing an extra one or two a year.

  43. Aw man, we have one of these posts coming up in a few weeks.

    I will say, I definitely do not want to deal with a second house! If I’m rich, I get to rent when and wherever I want without having to deal with maintenance (or waste time my people’s time dealing with it).

      • We don’t have the millions. We are both 54 and do want to [email protected] 55. Most of you are right, we don’t even need millions to enjoy life and have a blast traveling. We have done all that, travel cheap and expensive. One thing I am sure is that there is nothing like to sleep in your own bed and eat in your own kitchen and sit in your own toilet! We bought a condo in Vegas about a year ago and love every single weekend we have spent there. There is so much to do in Vegas, Grand Canyon, etc ….but returning to our on sheets and pillows it is just wonderful. So buying a vacation condo is a good investment. Even if you all rich people still , get one vacation home and set up a sharing system. Hey at least it wouldnt be used by hundreds of people and no worries about having to leave place by 11 am.
        Please don’t wait until you are on a wheel chair to use and enjoy your money. Just remember we only live once and we don’t take the millions to our grave. My aunt Estela died last August, she was 104. Married 4 times, had 1 son, lived to the fullest, still using her sewing machine making a quilt, always learning and didn’t have a penny in her account. She died peaceful in her sleep.
        On March 24 we will have my aunt Vita’s 100 birthday party! The party theme will be “butterflies”. We are from Honduras and placing elders in convalescent homes is not part of our culture.
        I think if rich people don’t have children, something to add to the list is “ elder care paid” . I noticed that in USA not too many want to deal with “old people”, even if they are rich! Worse if they are frugal…ha,ha. Blessings to all and I hope to have at least one million!??

  44. You can keep the car and beach house to worry about=liabilities. I’ll take the daily massage! Ahh.
    I always wondered about people w/second homes somewhere. I did the math once, would rather stay at a nice resort somewhere different, 1-2x a year than worry about that one!
    I’ll take the audio system too! Crank it up!
    Oh, I’ll take an Airstream RV, w/a new Jeep to pull it. Or maybe a vintage RV w/vintage station wagon too! Hit the USA.

      • A truck or SUV would be handy to unhitch the trailer, and cruise into town. A guy in “Outside” magazine chronicles his adventure in a new AirStream. Luv my Jeep w/300k miles on it. But the recalls are endless. I would probably haul the trailer. Visit every National Park in the country. Sit and listen to the quiet.

        • I did basically this, living out of my 4×4 truck for 18 months. I bought the truck and built it out all for $10k, including a fridge, solar energy, and a comfy bed. At the end of the 18 months I had made money, as I’m a photographer who works from the road. So many things are possible with less money than you think. No need to spend $400k! Check out my sweet truck here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kPsI3fL72M&t=8s

          All that said, one of my goals that I wrote down this year was to make enough to get bi-monthly massages! I do make enough, but when will I feel like I actually make enough!?

    • Ugh, don’t remind me about liability. That’s bringing real life concern into my dream.
      My parents traveled around the USA in their Chevy van for six months and had a blast. I hope to do something like that someday.

  45. OK I’m talking hundreds of millions of dollars rich, in which case I’d buy a few hundred acres of land in Montana, a very high end RV (maybe even custom-made), and take 10 of us in the family on a first class trip to Australia. And I want to go to a shoemaker in Italy and have a few pair of leather boots made just for me.

  46. Hi Joe, I hadn’t really thought about this. When I was in my youth and had no money I thought about it all the time. Ironic, isn’t it? Anyway, I will cherry pick a couple items on your list: massage, fly first class, personal trainer and personal chef. As I think about it, these 4 are focused on mental and physical well being and comfort. That’s all I want out of life at this point. I don’t want the responsibility of high priced physical possessions. Congrats on $3 mil. I doubt you will feel any different at $5. Tom

  47. Now, that we’re very close to that goalpost, I think it’d take 5 million dollars to feel wealthy.

    That’s the trouble with money: You always want more.

    When you get to 5 million, you want to have 10 million.
    Once you get to 10, you want 20, etc. The chase never, never, never ends. 🙂

    • Yup, I’m at 15 and I think 30 is minimum to be considered rich. I do not buy 1st class airfare, what a waste. I’ve done it once when traveling with old relatives. However, I do splurge on meals and accommodations. As for 2nd homes, have you seen how much prices have gone up in desirable locations? With 5 million, it wouldn’t be enough to buy one and then maintain it and still have enough left to generate a passive income.

  48. I would take my mom and sister on a dream vacation…like Hawaii complete with 5 star hotel. Something they would remember forever. The second thing is I would set up a no kill shelter for dogs and cats. Third, I would set up a fund so our public library could put on an awesome summer reading program each year .

    • That’s a great goal. We took my mom to Hawaii a few years ago. She also went to Greece with my brother earlier. Now she doesn’t want to travel anymore. Traveling is hard when you’re older.
      The library fund sounds awesome. I voted for the library bond so I’m good there. 🙂

  49. Ahh this is such a refreshing topic! I’d want most of what you mentioned above too.

    I have been dreaming about going Shi Lin night market in Taiwan and other night markets with good food safety in Asia, so that’s on the list. I’d want a mansion with a farm and lots of domestic help. I need to get rock to make those dreams come true!

  50. Hi Joe, you don’t have to wait to experience first class. My husband and I use credit card miles to fly for cheap. For example, I actually made $42 flying from ORD to HKG in Cathay First Class. For our honeymoon, we flew in United First Class from SFO to NRT for several hundred dollars. It’s very doable to travel lavishly for the fraction of a price. We used almost 2 million miles/points in 2017.

    Aa for massages, Groupon always has deals. Sometimes when massage parlors know you well, they give you additional discounts.

    We too would like a beach house someday, the sound of the waves crashing into shore never gets old.

  51. First, we need to define what does it mean “rich”. over 4 millions or 5 millions investable assets? Frugal people like us, we think it twice (maybe more than that) every time we buy something we want(not needs). I am training myself not to be too cheap, but every time I buy something I want(like upgrade my car stereo and speakers)., I would think about how much more money I will have 20 years from now if I invest it. Even I am on track for my financial goal. I need to learn how to have some fun today, and also have enough for the future. Otherwise 1/2 of the money will end up with somebody’s else kids if my children marry the wrong person (divorce is expensive) which we have no control over when we are dead.

    • I’d say over 5 million is rich. It’ll probably change when I get there, but who knows. It’s a moving goal post.
      I know how you feel. I’m really cheap too, but I’ve been loosening up more lately. It’d probably be much easier to spend when I’m 55. At that point, I hope to be able to enjoy our hard work.
      Kids… I hope to help him get a good start in life. I don’t want to leave too much.

  52. That’s a tough one, Joe. I’m with Mr. Tako on the “I would probably just buy nicer versions of what I already have”, but that’s perhaps being a little altruistic. The Mustachian in me says to not want any of those things even if I COULD afford them, but Greedy Chris sits on my other shoulder whispering into my ear: P100D, P100D, P100D… 🙂

    The other day I was talking with a neighbour renovating their kitchen. They had just sold their old stove to a very nice young couple that probably didn’t have a lot of money. I joked that the timer on our stove finally broke earlier in the week and that I’ll need to replace the control board or something. She says “Well, had I had known, I would have just given you our stove! But you could probably afford to buy a new one, right? These other folks probably can’t.”

    With that perspective, my neighbour is correct. We ARE rich enough to buy a new stove. But we chose otherwise in the interest of FIRE and landfill avoidance, yada yada environment, etc. And the timer-less stove still sits in my kitchen, otherwise functioning perfectly. (Besides – isn’t that what the microwave timer is for? 🙂 )

    But would that perspective change if we had $5M and the decision was a P100D and not a stove…?

  53. More time to do what I want:) I definitely would not buy a nicer car, mine is fine to get from A to B. I had an apartment in the Caribbean and a cute cottage by a lake (yes at the same time) for a while and sold them both. I think renting is a lot less trouble and you can “move” easily if you want to visit other places.
    Overall I am pretty happy with what I have right now.
    I am curious on why you don’t go out and buy yourself nice clothes if it’s something you really want?

    • Thanks for your perspective. An apartment in the Caribbean sounds so nice. I guess you didn’t get down there often enough.
      Renting is much easier if you spend just a few weeks per year.
      As for clothes, I just don’t like to keep something around so I can use once per year. I’d also need to remember to launder them before wearing them. It’s so much easier to just wear my old clothes. I guess I could buy a whole closet full of nice clothes, but it wouldn’t be me.

  54. I would want maybe 1/3 of those things although they all do sounds nice. I just love money too much. I would get a gardener but not a maid because… it’s weird to have one?! Are they in the house willy nilly? Judging my mess! xD

    First class tickets for me are really sinful so even if I had $10 million I would feel guilty and wasteful. It’s just so much higher and the result is the same: get you to your place. Now I would definitely blow it on food though. Get myself a $300 bowl of beef ramen over and over :p

  55. I have pretty much everything I want, but a cabin or retreat in a mountain adventure area like Colorado, Montana, or Utah would be my only wish. Oh and it should be on a lake too. I can afford it now, but since I still work part time I wouldn’t get the full value out of it. Yet. I’ll get there.

      • We bought a cabin in Wisconsin for $90,000 a few years back remodeled it all new..now its worth $210 we have 17 acres a lake , It is my heaven on earth…so secluded..so peaceful…soooo relaxing..we work hard and put in alot of hours but when we go up there its just rest and relaxation…Our main house/jobs are in Chicago..so the north woods is our place 🙂

      • A rustic cabin sounds ideal. It is a core part of my wife and my long-term vision to have some land in the Maine woods with a small cabin. And it definitely isn’t very much money, compared with a lot of other “vacation” places. The whole “tiny home” movement has really shown what variety and quality you can get for $20-$30,000.

  56. Joe, I agree with Mr. Tako, the beach house sounds pretty awesome! And a weekly massage would be incredible too.

    As for me, I’d love to have a couple small really nice condos scattered about the world. One in Paris, Hong Kong, & of course Hawaii!

    Finally, someone to come by and clean the house on a weekly basis would be incredible. Having that time back to myself to do other things would be priceless. And it will give me more time to go fishing. 😉

      • House cleaners are not that expensive! You don’t have to be wealthy to have someone come help out twice a month. I’d give up takeout or cable before getting rid of ours. Having the ENTIRE HOUSE be clean at one time including laundry done and folded is well worth the $80 I spend ($160 a month plus holiday bonuses). And not EVERnegotiating/nagging/bickering with the husband about whose turn it is to clean the toilets? PRICELESS.

  57. I’m with you on the beach house in Hawaii Joe… that sounds pretty cool!

    I was thinking about this post’s question and I realized something — Most of the things I might buy are just nicer versions of things I already have. A nicer car, nicer computer, nicer clothes, etc.

    I have pretty much everything I could possible want, including financial independence. Nicer versions would just be cream and sugar on top.


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