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P2P Lending

P2P lending: 2018 target $400 passive income

I’m slowly pulling our investment out of Prosper.com. I’m just not a very good investor there. You’d probably have better luck if you have time to carefully screen the loans. Our ROI is about 7% which isn’t bad. However, these unsecured loans won’t perform well when there is an economic downturn. P2P loans will be the first thing that borrowers default on when they run into financial problems. The economy seems to be doing quite well at the moment, but I’m just getting out while we’re ahead.

At this point, I prefer to invest in real estate crowdfunding. The loan is secured with real estate and I get better ROI. The only thing better with P2P lending is that you can start investing with a smaller amount. Investing in a real estate crowdfunding project can starts anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

You can see all of our passive income over on the Passive Income page. I will update these passive income pages monthly.

2018 YTD P2P lending income = $0

If you’re interested in P2P lending, check out Prosper.com.

Passive Income 2016 2017 2018 YTD
P2P Lending $579 $443 $0

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