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My Early Retirement Spend Down Strategy – Put It Off

My Early Retirement Spend Down Strategy – Put It Off thumbnail { 32 comments }

Early retirement is tricky. If you retire early, you will have a longer retirement and less retirement savings. That’s a double whammy. The average life expectancy in the US is 78.9 and rising. Let’s just round it off to 80 and work with that. When an average person retires at 65, she will have about [...]

3 Major Milestones to Financial Independence


The journey to financial independence can be a long and difficult road for regular people like you and me. We have been saving and investing diligently for almost 20 years and we’re not quite there yet. Our income is above average and our spending is a little below, but it’s still a long road. We [...]

5 Finance Lessons Learned by Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner thumbnail { 7 comments }

The following article is by Kristi Muse, our staff writer. She is a great freelance writer, blogger, police officer’s wife, and stay at home mom of two. Who doesn’t love eating a week’s worth of calories in one sitting? Thanksgiving is the one day each year it’s alright to indulge in too much food while celebrating [...]

DIY make your own Kotatsu table { 52 comments }

I wrote this article in 2010 and I’m giving it a facelift. We have been using our kotatsu table for over 10 years and we love it! There is nothing better than getting warmed up at the flick of a switch when it’s cold and rainy outside. It’s definitely my favorite winter appliance. It's easy [...]