Ask the Readers: How to Balance Debt and Retirement Saving?


The following article is from Melanie, our staff writer. Melanie is in the beginning phase of her journey to Financial Freedom and she’ll offer a refreshing point of view for us. As Joe has mentioned, I’m at the beginning stage of my financial independence journey. The thing I love about writing for Retire By 40 is the wealth of knowledge the commentors possess. You guys are an engaged and intelligent crowd! Today, I’d like to put you in charge and ask for your advice. What would you do in my situation? Some background… As you may or may not know, I […]

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How Rental Properties can Help You Retire Early

How Rental Properties can Help You Retire Early

Today, we have an article from Mark Ferguson who is an experienced real estate investor. He’ll help us figure out how to make money with rental properties. If you are thinking about investing in rental properties, you’ve come to the right place today. Enjoy! Investing in the stock market is the traditional way to build up money for retirement.  However, rental properties are another avenue to retire early and for me a better avenue.  I have been a Realtor since 2001, own 11 long-term rental properties and I complete 10-15 fix and flips a year.  That gives me an advantage when buying […]

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Is Roth better than Traditional IRA/401(k)?

Is Roth better than Traditional IRA/401(k)?

Last week, I was researching for a Roth 401(k) article and came across a Roth IRA study from T. Rowe Price. Basically, the study concludes that the Roth account is the better choice for most investors. You’ll have more money unless your tax rate is much lower in retirement. If you’re 55, then your tax rate will have to drop by 7% for the Traditional IRA to beat than the Roth IRA. If you’re 25, the Traditional IRA basically can’t beat Roth IRA. Your age makes a difference because the younger you are, the more time your Roth account has […]

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Co-op Preschool Can Be Pretty Involving

Co-op Preschool Can Be Pretty Involving cooperative preschool

Whew, last week was back to school and it was quite busy for us. RB40 Junior moved to a co-op preschool this year and it will be a lot more involving than last year. Actually, it was a tough decision for us to change schools. He liked his old preschool and his best friend is still there. I hate to separate the buddies, but they’ll be going to different elementary schools anyway, so it’s inevitable. We’ll try to keep in touch and meet up for a play-date once in a while. They’ll reunite again in middle school… That’s a long […]

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