Split the bill or pay your own share?

split the bill or separate checks?

Last week, I got an email from T, one of our long timer readers. What do you do when you go out with friends who want to split the bill? I went out with a few friends the other night. I ordered a goat cheese salad for $20 dollars. No drinks. However I ended up paying $65 dollars after they split the bill down. Not fair! I didn’t want to say anything, but I was paying for drinks I didn’t drink. And food I didn’t eat. Yikes, $65 for a salad! I know T just started graduate school recently so […]

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Retire Early to Save The World

Retire Early to Save The World

Do you ever want to save the world or at least improve it a little? There are endless problems in this world. Here are just a few big ones. Hunger and lack of access to drinkable water. Animals are going extinct. The world is getting over populated. Global warming and various consequences. Poverty is still prevalent in many countries. Natural disasters create havoc every year and it’s tough to see the aftermath on the news. Sure, you can donate money. However, I really admire the people on the ground who are actively trying to help others. It takes a lot […]

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Being Frugal Might Not Be A Good Idea

Being Frugal might not be a good idea if  you are an entrepreneur

Oh no, two frugal centric articles in one week! Sorry about that. I didn’t coordinate with Melanie enough so that’s why we ended up with two frugal articles this week. Don’t leave yet, though. I’m going to tell you why being frugal might not be a good idea after all. Frugal lifestyle I have always been pretty frugal since I can remember. Our family immigrated to the US when I was 12 and my parents struggled financially for many years. We didn’t make much money, but we never built up any debt either. We lived within our means and we […]

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Will my kid be a bum if I retire early?

early retirement bad example

A few weeks ago, I was talking to Don, a successful young business owner and he really dislikes the idea of early retirement. He wants to provide a good example for his kids and he thinks early retirement is not the right way to do it. This was just a passing conversation, but he clearly thinks that I’m a bum and he’s afraid my kid will turn out to be one too. To him early retirement is the anti-thesis of hard work. Is this really true? I’m sure he’s working long hours to provide a good life for his family, […]

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