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Are You Struggling with Work Life Balance?

Are You Struggling with Work Life Balance? thumbnail { 33 comments }

Last week, I was listening to the success episode on the TED Radio Hour podcast. I like this show because they bring on 5-6 speakers to go over the highlights of their TED talk. If one of the speakers sounds interesting, then I can look up the particular talk. In this episode, the focus was [...]

How long will it take to achieve financial independence? thumbnail { 35 comments }

Last time we talked about the 3 paths to achieve financial freedom. Grow your income Cut your expense Leverage your creativity The combination of these 3 things will grow your saving rate and help you reach financial independence quicker. So the follow up question is how long will it take to get there? If you [...]

3 Paths to Financial Freedom

3 Paths to Financial Freedom thumbnail { 44 comments }

All of us dream of attaining financial freedom, but only a few of us will ever get there. What’s financial freedom, you ask? It’s a bit different for everyone. To me, financial freedom means I can enjoy a comfortable life without having to work or worry much about money. I’m not there yet, but in [...]

Overcoming Mental Barriers

Overcoming Mental Barriers thumbnail { 29 comments }

RB40 Jr. loves the playground. The weather has been drier than usual for Portland, so we have been going to the playgrounds pretty often. Anyway, he is one daring little guy. He jumps off the side of the circular slide, climbs all over the play structure, and can even do the monkey bars. Well, he [...]