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Are You Better Off Than 4 Years Ago?

are you better off today than 4 years ago 2016 { 103 comments }

Are you better off than 4 years ago? This is the question we're asked every presidential election in the United States. I know it is still a little early in the election cycle, but I just filled out my ballot this weekend so it’s been on my mind. I wrote this article in 2012 and it’s time [...]

How Life Can Fall Apart So Quickly

How Life Can Fall Apart So Quickly thumbnail { 41 comments }

Do you listen to podcasts? I think it is a great way to catch up on current events, hear some stories, and learn something interesting. I usually listen to podcasts when I’m working out at the gym or when I’m driving. Here is my podcast list. This American Life – Great stories, but not many [...]

Will Investing in Stocks Help You Achieve Financial Freedom? thumbnail { 1 comment }

  The following article was written by Anna, our occasional contributor. We all enjoy the dream of acquiring wealth, of never having to work again or even of just having the financial freedom to buy those little extras that we always want, but just cannot afford. Each of us probably has our own idea of [...]

Are You in Financial Denial?

Are You in Financial Denial? thumbnail { 31 comments }

Last week, I was catching up on season 1 of the show Fear the Walking Dead. This TV series is a spinoff from the popular zombie apocalypse show – The Walking Dead. This prequel is set in Los Angeles during the initial zombie outbreak. The show was not bad, but most of the characters are [...]