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7 Things Financially Successful People Do Every Day thumbnail { 1 comment }

The following article is written by Anna, our occasional contributor. While there is no one secret to success, there are clear patterns among the financially successful that can be mirrored to achieve the same or similar levels of financial success. In this article you will be introduced to 7 things financially successful people do every [...]

When Did Summer Become so Expensive?

When Did Summer Become so Expensive? thumbnail { 46 comments }

Woo hoo! Summer is here. A lot of people love autumn in Portland, but I prefer summer. The weather is usually very good and it doesn’t get too hot and muggy here. School is also out. We live near Portland State University and the whole area slows down a little bit in the summer. There [...]


I’ve been using Personal Capital to track my finances for about 4 years now and it has been an invaluable tool in our journey to financial independence. Personal Capital is a free “account aggregator” that will help you track all aspects of your finances in one place. I use the site to track our net [...]

Getting Your Spouse On Board with Early Retirement

Getting Your Spouse On Board with Early Retirement thumbnail { 56 comments }

What if you wake up one day and realize you really want to retire early? Nay, make that - you need to retire early. Your job is slowly killing you can you can’t take it much longer. Okay, that was me in 2010, but you get my drift. If you’re married, then your next step [...]