Retirement is Not The End Goal

retirement not the end goal

The following article is from Melanie, our staff writer. Melanie is in the beginning phase of her journey to Financial Freedom and she’ll offer a refreshing point of view for us. Preparing for retirement may take a lifetime for some people, but it is not the end goal. Many people put the idea of retirement on a pedestal, as if that is the time when their life can truly begin. But retirement is merely a step in the journey of life. It’s not the end of the journey. It’s a start of a new one. Are you or someone you know […]

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5 things I don’t skimp on

5 things I don’t skimp on

I’m back in Portland, our beloved city. I am beat! We made a little better time coming back from San Jose than going down. We left at 4:30 am and got here just a little after 6 pm. RB40 Junior did very well on the ride back. He slept a lot and only got crazy during the last 100 miles… He wanted to stop and play with the cows, but I really wanted to push on home. You can’t play with cows anyway, right? He was just very whiney in the last leg of the journey. As soon as he […]

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Would You Choose The Portland Lifestyle Over Wealth?

Would You Choose The Portland Lifestyle Over Wealth?

Did you know that Oregon was the number one destination among people who moved from one state to another in 2013? I’m sure Portland is a big part of that because it’s been on many “most livable cities” lists in the last few years. Is Portland really a great place to live? Well, it depends on your priorities. If you like living in a city with a personality and many eccentric characters, then you probably would enjoy Portland. There are some downsides, of course. The biggest one is that the population is over-educated and under employed. It can be difficult […]

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RB40’s Driving Style

driving style

This week, we’re down in San Jose, CA to visit family & friends, so I don’t have much time to write and research. Today, I want to share some observations during our road trip with you. First of all, Google maps estimated our drive time to be about 10 hours. However, it took us a grueling 14 hours to drive down from Portland. RB40 junior woke me up at 3 am the day we were driving down and I couldn’t go back to sleep. So I decided to just get going. We left our home at 5 am sharp. I was […]

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