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When Will You Feel Rich?

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Hey, do you feel rich? Yes, yes, I know. It’s all relative and some people say you’re rich if you’re healthy, have a good relationship, are an integral part of the community, and help the less fortunate. I agree that you don’t have to have a ton of money to feel good about yourself, but […] Read More

About the author: Joe left his engineering career behind to become a stay at home dad/blogger at 38. Read how and why he did it on the About Page .

How Much Money Should We Spend on Kid’s Birthday?

{ 70 comments } How much money should we spend on kid’s birthday?

RB40Jr is turning 6 very soon. Wow, time really flies when you have a kid. I still remember jumping out of bed and rushing Mrs. RB40 to the hospital at 6 in the morning and being nervous all day until he finally arrived at 3:45 in the afternoon.  I’ll skip the graphic details here, but […] Read More

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The following article is from our partner.  There are generally two categories of income sources that you can choose to adopt in your retirement. You can choose to either pursue the active income sources or follow the preferred path by most retirees of passive income sources. Many retirees tend to shy away from the active […] Read More

How to Start Investing in Dividend Stocks

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I love our dividend stock portfolio! Our dividend income is my favorite form of passive income because it is very passive. I don’t have to do much and the dividends will keep rolling in. I like having rental properties, too, but they are just more work. 2016 was another great year on the stock market and […] Read More

Is Early Retirement Easier than Traditional Retirement?

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One of my tips for new bloggers is to set a schedule for your blog posts and always stick to it. Sometimes you have to publish shorter or less than perfect posts, but sticking to a schedule is paramount to getting through the early years. Well, today is one of those short post days for […] Read More

How to Start a Blog and Why You Should

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A few weeks ago, I went to drop RB40Jr off at school and met one of his friends’ mom. We hit it off because she's from Thailand and we had a short conversation while we waited for the kids to go inside. She asked what I do, and I told her I’m a blogger. She must […] Read More

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Today, Michelle from Making Sense of Cents tells us why she and her husband decided to live in an RV full time. That lifestyle sounds very liberating and I'm very jealous. I'd love to travel in an RV for a while, but we probably can't do it until our kid goes off to college. Someday... A […] Read More

Budgeting for Healthcare When You Retire Early

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For someone considering early retirement, healthcare is a huge question mark. If you retire before you’re eligible for Medicare, you’ll need to make sure to budget for health insurance. Healthcare is very expensive in the US at about 5% of most American’s annual income and we all need health insurance to help cover our medical […] Read More