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Why I’m afraid to take time off

Why I’m afraid to take time off thumbnail { 41 comments }

Do you take all your vacation days? I just read that American workers only take about half of their paid time off. Workers know that vacation helps them relax and recharge. However, many also feel that nobody else can cover for them while they are away. Americans are overloaded with work and they don’t want [...]

Starting From Rock Bottom

Starting From Rock Bottom thumbnail { 29 comments }

This article is from our new writer, Kayla. She is in her mid 20s and is at the start of her financial independence journey. She works full time, has a part time job, and owns a direct-selling home business. Now she has taken up freelance writing, VA, and blogs at Shoeaholic No More. Yikes, does [...]

Invest Better With DRAFTapp

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Have you ever wondered how well you’re doing with your investment compare to other investors out there? I do, but it’s difficult to find the right benchmark to measure against. The best I can come up with is to check against the S&P 500 index. That’s a nice benchmark in general, but it would be [...]

How to build a Life you don’t have to Retire from

How to build a Life you don’t have to Retire from thumbnail { 36 comments }

I just read that Gen Xers, ages 35 to 48, are starting to feel vulnerable when it comes to retirement. Many of us doubt we will ever save enough to afford the traditional retirement. According to a new study by Allianz Life, 84% of Gen Xers don’t think retiring at 65 is realistic. This study [...]