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Over 50’s house insurance: its importance for homeowners

Cheap House Insurance for Over 50s

The home is a place that contains both possessions and memories – this is particularly the case if you have lived in your home for a number of years. As a place that has undoubtedly watched your children grow from dependent youngsters to adults in their own right, you don’t want to lose what helped shape them.

That’s why cheap house insurance for over 50s is a huge priority, as you may never know how much you lose until it’s too late.

Many people consider home insurance as an unnecessary expense, though there are a number of reasons why you should get it. With good quality insurance from a reputable provider, people can get guaranteed peace of mind and protection from vandalism, theft and any other possible issues relating to damage – even natural disasters and accidents such as flooding and fire can be avoided.

Homeowners over 50 are especially likely to save more money if they choose a policy specializing in their age group, as they tend to be classed as lower risk and pay less as a result.

However, before buying a home insurance policy, people need to bear in mind that they don’t have to insure their home for the price initially paid for it or what it is now worth; the market price of a property includes the land it is on, so if something happens to the home, you only need cover for the cost of repairing or rebuilding the property that sits on the land.

Also be sure to review your policy every now and again in case its value increases or drops. If the value of your home falls, you can lower policy cover and expenditure on it as a result; it’s pointless paying more than required, after all. On the other hand, making changes to a property like loft conversions and extensions will increase the market value of the home, so ensure this is also part of the deal when you get round to it.

This article was provided by CastleCover.co.uk

retirebyforty’s thought: I think home insurance is critical. Even if you own the home outright, you still need protection from fire and other disasters. What would you do if something happens and you don’t have home insurance? The residential home is the biggest asset for many of us and it would be a terrible blow to have no replacement option. I also check my policy every year. Sometime the insurance company makes mistake with the square footage or other issues and I was able to catch it and correct the policy.


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  • site value October 4, 2011, 2:58 pm

    No one wants to overpay for house insurance. By comparing multiple insurance quotes, you will be better able to pick the right insurance policy and rate for you. But what does an insurance policy cover?

  • site value December 17, 2011, 1:16 pm

    I’ll sum this up as in as few words as possible.
    I believe I torn a ligament in my knee when I was helping my friend cut down a tree at his grandparents house. I was pulling on a strap that was tied around the bottom of the limb when it suddenly came untied and sent my spinning on my right leg and injuring my knee. My friend I feel is partly to blame since he didn’t really tie the strap around the branch but rather just barely looped it. But that’s of no real importance at this point.

    Since it happened on his grandparents property when I was helping cut down one of their trees, would their homeowners insurance cover any of my medical expenses? This just happened and i’ve yet to goto the doctor. I’m very poor right now and if this is in fact a torn ligament, I have no way to pay for treatment.

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