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Do you have a Money road map?

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Hey Everyone,

I’m still on vacation so today, I’m reposting one of my old articles from 2010. We probably had about 10 readers or so back then so most of you haven’t seen this yet. 🙂

This is a flowchart of what we do with our money. Take a look and tell me what you think.


Basically, Green shapes are good and we aim to build those accounts up.  Yellow shapes are just cushion accounts and can go up and down, but we try to keep the balance somewhat stable.  Orange shapes are expenditures which we’ll need to keep trimming.

Our situation changed quite a bit since then because I left my full time job. Now I’m not contributing regularly to my 401k and I don’t have an employee stock participation plan anymore. This year I will open a self employment 401k and contribute just once in a lump sum. Being self employed is more difficult because you have no idea how much money you will make in a calendar year so you don’t really know how much to contribute.

Anyway, my money road map needs a little updating, but overall it’s still applicable.

Do you have a road map for your money? It’s nice to have it written down so you can consult it once in a while. 

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