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Don’t overspend on your holiday


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Holidays are one of the biggest drains on the UK population’s spare income. Millions of people put large amounts of money aside year after year to pay for expensive flights, especially the travel insurance for over 70 year olds, accommodation and spending money on luxurious foreign holidays. But during the last few years of recession and austerity, that pool of holiday cash has had to shrink for many people and everyone is looking for ways to save money on their holidays.

Fortunately, travel agents and holiday bookers are responding to this demand by offering an increased range of budget holiday options, as well as premium holidays with some of the expensive additional extras removed, in order to make trips to exotic locations affordable to people who are keeping their purse strings tight.

Travel insurance is one of the costs that often tips an affordable holiday over budget, but travel companies are working to prevent this from happening by offering single trip travel insurance rather than policies that cover people for an extended period of time. Adjusted premium rates for pensioners have led to a rise in travel insurance over 70 year-olds can afford.

Airlines, on the other hand, seem intent on topping up their profits in a bid to counter the losses they are incurring year on year as thousands of people choose to holiday on UK soil rather than heading abroad. You will notice that the additional costs involved in booking a flight have been ramped up over the last five years, but it pays not to get sucked into the trap of paying additional fees for choosing your own seat, purchasing extra luggage, or taking out additional travel insurance. Also, make sure you check in online to avoid a costly admin fee payable by those who check into their flight at the airport.

Another great way to make sure your trip abroad doesn’t break the bank is to do a bit of DIY. Instead of shelling out top dollar for that fully serviced five star hotel, with all inclusive food, drinks and room service, try self-catering holidays, which encourage tourists to get out and about in their chosen location to buy their own food and then enjoy cooking it in the sunshine.

Even cheaper than self-catering hotel rooms are self-catering yurts! The rise of glamorous camping, or ‘glamping, has created a whole world of ultra-affordable holidays for people who want to travel on a budget. The yurts, tepees and tents being offered by glamping companies are often just as luxurious as a hotel room but cost a fraction of the price to rent.

 Cheap holidays are out there – go find them!

This is a guest post.

retirebyforty’s thought: We usually go our own way when we take a trip aboard. We love the freedom of being able to change the plan on the fly and going somewhere not planned. Cheap vacations are a great way to get closer and learn more about the local cultures.


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