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Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be difficult

{ 39 comments } Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be difficult

Last month we visited Hawaii for a week with our extended family and we had a great time. I was hoping RB40 Jr. would enjoy the trip and it went off without a hitch. We used to travel much more, but when we had a kid, we decided to put off traveling until he can [...]

Big Island Chilling

{ 7 comments } Big Island Chilling

We're still relaxing on the Big Island. It's very laid back here and that's just what we needed. Here are just a couple of pictures for everyone on the mainland. Woohoo! We found the sea turtles along the Kiholo Bay north of the Kona airport. The great thing about Hawaii is that the beaches are [...]

Big Island Eating

{ 15 comments } big island vacation eating

Hey Everyone, We're taking a family vacation this week on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. We love the relaxed atmosphere here and even Mrs. RB40 is considering a move to Hawaii after we fully retire. Of course, everything is more expensive, but that's the price you pay to live in paradise. Anyway, we are [...]

Can Entrepreneurs Take Time Off?

{ 25 comments } Can Entrepreneurs Take Time Off?

One of the downsides to being an entrepreneur is finding the time to get away on a vacation and recharge. When you’re working for yourself, it can be hard to set boundaries. Most entrepreneurs I know are working pretty much all the time. Working from home can be a detriment in this case because you don’t [...]