How walkable is your neighborhood? Check your Walk Score

How walkable is your neighborhood? Check your Walk Score

If you glanced at my January financial update, you would have seen that we didn’t spend any money on gasoline last month. How is that possible? Well, I filled up near the end of December and the tank happened to last the whole month. It was a bit of luck and I’m not sure how long it will be before we make another no gasoline month. Anyway, now that gasoline prices are going up again, I’m quite glad we live in a very walkable neighborhood. Check out our walk score! We live in downtown Portland and it’s a “Walker’s Paradise” […]

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Light Rail Expansion

john deere skid steer loaders

Portland Metro is adding a new light rail line through our neighborhood. Currently, the rail lines end at Portland State University, the south end of downtown. The new Orange line will start from PSU, go over the river, and then head south toward Milwaukie. I’m a huge fan of the light rail because I hate rush hour traffic. I took the light rail to work for many years and had a good experience for the most part. We also have traveled to other cities where a rail system is expansive and a great convenience. Tokyo and London are just two […]

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Free Public Transit

free rail zone

In the previous post, I wrote about our choice to live in a 1,000 sq ft condo in the city. Two of the main reasons why we like living downtown are because it is centrally located and the easy access to public transportation. As a bonus, our home is near the free rail zone and we can ride the streetcar and the light rail within the zone for no charge! The cost of housing in downtown is higher than the suburb, but the public transportation helps us reduce expenses on the transportation front. We share one car and save on gas […]

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Save Gas By Taking Public Transportation

public transport reimburse

This is a post from December 2010. Now that gas prices are skyrocketing, it’s definitely worth your time to consider other forms of transportation.  At my company, we can file an expense report to get $30/month reimbursement for public transportation. Now, 30 bucks is not a lot toward train tickets. A one way ticket costs $2.35 $2.40 and I need to get two tickets every day. $30 only buy 6 days of tickets, about 25% of the work month. I try to split my commute to half driving and half public transit. The $30 does make a big difference for […]

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