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Will my kid be a bum if I retire early?

early retirement bad example

A few weeks ago, I was talking to Don, a successful young business owner and he really dislikes the idea of early retirement. He wants to provide a good example for his kids and he thinks early retirement is not the right way to do it. This was just a passing conversation, but he clearly thinks that I’m a bum and he’s afraid my kid will turn out to be one too. To him early retirement is the anti-thesis of hard work. Is this really true? I’m sure he’s working long hours to provide a good life for his family, […]

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Kids Fun and Trouble

kids fun and trouble

Today I’m taking a break from personal finance to share some stay at home dad stories. Overall, I enjoy being a stay at home dad very much. I’m busy all the time, but I’m much less stressed than when I was working in a corporation. Today, I went to the doctor and my blood pressure reading was 132 over 76. That’s quite good for me. Of course, there are challenges too. Kids push their boundaries and it’s tough to keep a good humor 24/7. Storm Drain Incident A few days ago, we were walking to the playground and we came […]

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Early Retirement Myths Busted

Early Retirement Myths Busted

Oh man, I am worn out. This summer has been hectic for the RB40 household. We traveled to Hawaii, camped at the beach, and took a road trip to Boise. We also kept getting sick for some reason. It seems like we’ve been sick for over a month now. We all had a cold and it went round and round. Mrs. RB40 just got diagnosed with shingles and won’t recover completely for another few weeks! And this morning, RB40 Jr.’s back broke out in itchy hives. Oh no! We dodged a bullet on that one, though. The hives disappeared about […]

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Is Your Success Due To Hard Work Or Luck?

Is Your Success Due To Hard Work Or Luck?

Let’s continue with the TED talk today. For a while now, I have been meaning to sit down and listen to this talk from social psychologist Paul Piff – Does money make you mean? Their research team conducted various experiments to see how wealthy people behave. I’m interested in the topic because I’m very curious about the role of luck in life. Let’s see what they did in the Monopoly experiment. Winning in Monopoly I’m sure everyone played Monopoly at least a few times when they were young. It’s one of the most well known board games in the world […]

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