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What If You Have No Grit?

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If you are a parent, you probably know about “grit.” Grit is the ability to keep going when things get tough. Studies have shown that grit is a huge factor to succeeding in life. Grit has replaced self-esteem as the primary desirable character trait. Having self-esteem is good, but it has to be earned. We’re [...]

How Come Parents Don’t Play With Their Kids?

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RB40Jr recently turned five and it feels like my time as a stay at home dad is rapidly coming to a close. He will start kindergarten in 6 months and I will have a lot more time to myself then. I guess it’s not coming to a close as much as going to the next [...]

Stay At Home Dad Update Fall 2015

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We’re finally settled back into our routine after our Costa Rica trip. RB40Jr started preschool in early September, but we went on a two week vacation so that was a big disruption. Thanks goodness for preschool because blogging is so much more manageable now. RB40Jr goes to preschool 4 days per week from 9 am [...]

My Summer of George

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Can you believe summer is over? Portland Public Schools started on August 27th, last Thursday. That seems really early to me. When I was a kid, school started after Labor Day. The weather is also starting to turn cooler now. We had a hotter than usual summer, but I didn’t mind it at all. We [...]