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Is it time to use credit instead of cash?

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One of the first tips I picked up when I first got into personal finance was to use cash instead of credit cards. We always paid off our credit cards in full every month and we never spent more than we could afford, but I know we could cut back a little. We tried using [...]

Do You Feel Guilty Over Impulse Purchases?

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We all fall prey to impulse purchases sooner or later. It’s practically unavoidable in this day and age. The marketing department knows how to push our buttons and I’m sure billions of dollars went into research. As a consumer, we are bombarded with endless advertising and enticements throughout the day. I should count the number [...]

How to Save $50,000 Per Year in Your Tax Advantaged Accounts

{ 32 comments } How to save $50,000 per year in your 401k Roth IRA 529

One of our goals this year is to save and invest at least $50,000 in our various tax advantaged accounts. 2014 is just about over and I’m happy to report that we hit this one out of the park. We saved $56,800 in our tax advantaged accounts this year! Here are the details. Mrs. RB40 [...]

{ 24 comments } Can You Really Reduce Your Discretionary Spending Just By Installing an App?

If you’re reading Retire By 40 and other personal finance sites, then you’re probably looking for ways to improve your financial situation. The answer is really simple. Spend less Increase your income Invest for the long term However, the execution is another story. All these 3 things are hard to do and that’s why we [...]