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Retirement is not an extended vacation

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Retirement is not an extended vacation like many of us think. That's the wrong way to approach retirement. Everyone has busy lives and work is a huge part of it. We spend over a third of our day at work, getting to work, and thinking about work. Work is stressful, takes up a huge amount of time, [...]

Early Retirement Withdrawal Strategy

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When you’re young, you don’t really think much about withdrawal strategy. At 41 and semi-retired, I’m still focusing on accumulating. That’s why I haven’t written much about withdrawal strategies on Retire by 40. Last week, we posted an article about investing a lump sum in midlife. That got me thinking about withdrawals. It will be helpful [...]

Are You Afraid of Retirement?

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It’s been over 4 years since I started to immerse myself in the pursuit of retirement by blogging at Retire By 40. I sense there is a growing fear of retirement among the middle class which is somewhat puzzling to me. Retirement used to be something everyone looked forward to. It’s the time to put [...]

Why Join Peace Corps after Retirement

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One of our retirement goals is to volunteer for Peace Corps for two years after we both fully retired. The kid will be out of the house by then and we’ll be itching to see the world in a new light. We’ll probably be around 55 by then. Is this a realistic goal? Do they [...]