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How to Diversify Your Retirement Portfolio


Hey everyone, it’s DIY weekend at our rental. I’m going to replace a cracked sink, install a new toilet, clean the gutter, and fix the fence latch. That’s what you have to do when you manage your own 125 year old rental... Anyway, we have an article from Mike Lewis today. Next week, I’ll share [...]

Tracy’s 7 Phases of Retirement

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The following is a guest post from Tracy Ma, one of our readers. I wrote The 7 Phases of Retirement in 2013 and encouraged readers to submit their plans. You need a road map to find your way to early retirement because you probably won't get there by accident. Check out Tracy's plan and tell [...]

The Best Free Retirement Calculator

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Do you think online retirement calculators are useful? When I was trying to quit my job, I spent an inordinate amount of time projecting our post retirement finances. If you retire at 40, your retirement will be 20 years longer than a normal retirement. It’s really difficult to predict how your investment will do over [...]

How to build a Life you don’t have to Retire from

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I just read that Gen Xers, ages 35 to 48, are starting to feel vulnerable when it comes to retirement. Many of us doubt we will ever save enough to afford the traditional retirement. According to a new study by Allianz Life, 84% of Gen Xers don’t think retiring at 65 is realistic. This study [...]