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9 Ways To Improve Your Retirement Readiness


It is Thanksgiving week. Can you believe 2015 is almost over? Time seems to pass faster and faster every year. So how have you prepared for retirement this year? There are just a few weeks left and that’s not a lot of time. If you have been saving and investing, you should be well along [...]

How I Accumulated $75,000 in My 401k in Just 2 Years

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When I left my engineering career to become a stay at home dad/blogger, I wasn’t sure if I could continue to save for retirement. I made much less income than previously, but we only need a small portion of that income to fund our lifestyle. Mrs. RB40 is still working full time and her paychecks [...]

Do You Live in The Best States for Retirement Saving?


It’s been a tough year for retirement saving.  The U.S. stock market took a big dive at the end of August and it has been wild ride since then. The Greek crisis and China’s economic slowdown dragged down the world economy and the U.S. stock market was looking grim for a while. However, the market [...]

Preparing for the Future, But Not the Fun Ways


This post is in partnership with TermLifeInsurance.com. There’s no part of preparing for the future that’s fun in itself, but at least getting ready for an early retirement gives you a little thrill. After all, you know that one day all of your hard work and planning is going to pay off. The money you’re [...]