Unemployment VS Retirement

Unemployment VS Retirement

James is 57 and he just got laid off. He has enough savings to frugally get by for a few years until social security kicks in so he can make it work financially. He’d need to cut back on his monthly expenses, but he should be okay. He’s still very unhappy and stressed out about being unemployed. He knows that it will be very difficult to get a similar paying job in the same field. There are many younger workers who are job hunting, without demanding the higher starting salary. James is losing a lot of sleep while he waits […]

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Planning Your Retirement? Think Income, Not Assets


The following article is from Mike, our staff writer. How will you know when you’re financially ready to retire? Most people don’t give that question much thought at all, but as readers of RB40 I’m going to assume you’re a little more financially savvy than the average Joe on the street.  Perhaps you’ve already sat down and come up with an estimated amount you need to save in order to retire safely using the four percent rule. If so, that’s great!  You’re already way ahead of most people and you’re at least beginning to map out your plans for retirement. But […]

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Create Your Ideal Retirement

create your ideal retirement what is your ideal retirement

Life has been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to read much, but now that things are getting a bit better, I can catch up with a few blogs. Earlier this week, I read What is the ideal retirement at Free Money Finance? and it gave me the incentive to write more about this topic. Basically, we are living much longer these days and the old model of leaving work at 65 and enjoying a few years of idle retirement doesn’t work well anymore. The Baby Boomers will spend much more time in retirement and the following generations […]

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