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Passive Income Made Easier

Passive Income Made Easier

Last time, we talked about how difficult it is to retire early via passive income. In fact, it is probably impossible for regular people who regularly save 10-15% of their salary. That’s not nearly enough to generate the passive income to sustain their lifestyle. The comments on the previous articles are also great and help distilled why it is so difficult to retire with passive income.  Let’s do a quick recap on the most important points. The return on investment is low. Dividend stocks, bonds, CDs, and other financial instruments return 1% to 5% on investment. You’d need a huge […]

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Why it’s difficult to retire with passive income

Why it's difficult to retire with passive income

  Generating enough passive income to cover the cost of living is the holy grail of early retirement. If you have enough passive income, then you’ll have a lot more choices. You can invest all your active income and ramp up the passive income even more. You can donate some of your passive income to a good cause. Or you can even quit your day job to pursue your own interests. However, that level of passive income can be extremely difficult to achieve. What’s Passive Income? I’m sure most readers are familiar with the concept of passive income, but let’s […]

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How Our 4 Plex Did In 2013

How Our 4 Plex Did In 2013

Now that April 15th is a distant memory, we can take a look at our 4 plex cash flow without cringing about tax. Here is a brief recap. We purchased a 4-plex through a short sale process in October 2011. The previous owner put a stop to all repair and maintenance at one point because the 4 plex was underwater and it wasn’t generating positive cash flow. We made many repairs over the last few years, but there are still quite a few things left to fix. Fast forward to 2014, the local real estate market has recovered nicely and we decided to […]

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How did I do with Peer to Peer lending in 2013?

How did I do with Peer to Peer lending in 2013?

It’s been over six months since I gave an update on our P2P lending investment at Prosper. Last August, I wrote that Peer to Peer lending is a pretty good passive investment. I finally got my automated screening dialed in and I was seeing fewer defaults. Let’s see what happened since. I was waiting for the yearend report so I can show you how we did in 2013. Some changes over the last 6 months Here is the account summary from August 2013 This is the latest account summary from March 2014 It looks like the last six months didn’t […]

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