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Misadventures in Niche Site Building

Misadventures in Niche Site Building

The following article is from Mike, our staff writer.  One of the biggest and most pervasive myths on the internet is that making money online is easy.  There is certainly no shortage of “experts” who are only too happy to share their secret formula for unlimited riches at the push of a button. Unfortunately, no such button exists. Sure, the barriers to entry are much lower with an online business and so are the startup costs (you can register a domain and launch a self-hosted blog for as little as a hundred bucks) but there are still no guarantees you’ll ever […]

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How did I do with Peer to Peer lending in 2013?

How did I do with Peer to Peer lending in 2013?

It’s been over six months since I gave an update on our P2P lending investment at Prosper. Last August, I wrote that Peer to Peer lending is a pretty good passive investment. I finally got my automated screening dialed in and I was seeing fewer defaults. Let’s see what happened since. I was waiting for the yearend report so I can show you how we did in 2013. Some changes over the last 6 months Here is the account summary from August 2013 This is the latest account summary from March 2014 It looks like the last six months didn’t […]

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Dividend Growth Portfolio for Passive Income

Building a Dividend Growth Portfolio for Passive Income

One of my financial goals for 2014 is to generate $12,000 (pretax) from passive income. This isn’t going to be easy because last year we made about $10,000 last year from dividend, rentals, peer to peer lending, and interest. The heavy lifting will be done by our dividend portfolio and should account for about 75% of our passive income. Our rentals are doing better, but we need to repaint the rental home this year so that will be a big bill. The P2P lending is doing quite well, but I don’t have a huge amount invested so the income will probably be […]

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A Little Active Income Goes A Long Way In Early Retirement

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Generating enough passive income to cover the cost of living is the holy grail of early retirement. However, it’s quite difficult to amass that big lump sum to generate enough passive income to live on. People spend more money as they get raises so they need more and more income every year. Early retirement offers a way out of this cycle by forcing us to examine how we make and spend money. While passive income is good, you’ll most likely have to get creative if you want to retire by 40. Most people won’t be able to generate enough passive […]

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