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{ 24 comments } 3 Ways to Avoid Downgrading Your Lifestyle After Retirement thumbnail

Last week, I got an interesting comment on my July cash flow update. “I like how you don’t seem to compromise quality of life for over-frugality!” This comment is interesting because quality of life is so subjective. We spend about $4,500 per month and that’s a very comfortable level for us. However, this level of [...]

What’s your dream home like?

{ 39 comments } What’s your dream home like? thumbnail

Last week, I read a blog post about someone’s dream home and I thought it’d be fun to share my dream home here. I’m also really worn out from wrestling with our taxes this weekend so I need an easy topic to write about. Current home Our current home is a 2 bed/2 bath condo [...]

Are You Struggling with Work Life Balance?

{ 33 comments } Are You Struggling with Work Life Balance? thumbnail

Last week, I was listening to the success episode on the TED Radio Hour podcast. I like this show because they bring on 5-6 speakers to go over the highlights of their TED talk. If one of the speakers sounds interesting, then I can look up the particular talk. In this episode, the focus was [...]

Am I Crazy for Not Wanting a House?

{ 63 comments } Am I Crazy for Not Wanting a House? thumbnail

The following article is from Melanie Lockert, our staff writer. Melanie is in the beginning phase of her journey to Financial Freedom and she’ll offer a refreshing point of view for us. Homeownership has always been a huge part of the American Dream. People dream of having their own homes, raising a family, and having some [...]