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Would You Choose The Portland Lifestyle Over Wealth?

{ 56 comments } Would You Choose The Portland Lifestyle Over Wealth?

Did you know that Oregon was the number one destination among people who moved from one state to another in 2013? I’m sure Portland is a big part of that because it’s been on many “most livable cities” lists in the last few years. Is Portland really a great place to live? Well, it depends [...]

Interview with an Urban Nomad

{ 12 comments } interview urban nomad lifestyle

The following article is from Melanie, our staff writer. Melanie is in the beginning phase of her journey to Financial Freedom and she’ll offer a refreshing point of view for us. I’m very excited to interview one of my best friends, Brittany Hassell! I met her, along with Joe, at our local bloggers meet-up over a [...]

Six-Figure Incomes and Going Broke?

{ 51 comments } Six-Figure incomes and Broke?

Oh my goodness, have you seen this article at WSJ – Six-Figure Incomes and Facing Financial Ruin? It’s ridiculous. If you’re making a 6 figure income, it’s probably your own fault that you’re facing financial ruin. Well, barring medical problems, that is. That can ruin anyone. Here is the featured spender – Ms. Flores, 40 [...]

8 Tips to Help You Live Within Your Means

{ 54 comments } 8 Tips to Help You Live Within Your Means

The first step to financial independence is to live within your means. To me, that automatically means living frugally, but that’s just how I think. My family struggled financially when I was growing up so I default to saving first. When I first started working, I lived modestly and saved what I could. I lived [...]