Small Decisions With Big Financial Effect Down The Road

small decisions big financial impact down the road consequences

It’s funny when you look back at your personal finances over time. A little decision 20 years ago can make a huge difference in your financial situation today. At 40, I’m still a little young to go back much. However, I think it will be valuable to our millennial readers and I would love some feedback from our older readers as well. We call all learn from each other’s successes and missteps. First of all, we have been extremely lucky. Our finance has been on a steady upward progression since we finished college except for a few down years along […]

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Some Lifestyle Inflation is Inevitable

Some Lifestyle Inflation is Inevitable

I truly believe the most important factor of early retirement is the ability to save a large percentage of your income early on. To do this, we need to keep lifestyle inflation down to a minimum. Just think back to when you first graduated from college. You didn’t need to spend a lot of money and life was good. As we get older, we take on mortgages, new car payments, and have children. Life inevitably becomes more expensive. Most families spend all their income because they got caught up in the consumerism lifestyle. As they make more money, they also […]

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10 Easy Ways to Sabotage Your Finances

don't sabotage yourself financially finance

Yes! Almost everybody should be getting richer every year especially those who read Retire By 40. 96% of our readers who took the poll are steadily increasing their wealth over time. In that article, we outlined a few simple steps to achieve your financial freedom, but there is one side topic that deserves its own article. Don’t sabotage yourself If wealth building is so simple, everyone should be rich by the time they are 40, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. People run into financial trouble all the time and it can be tough to recover from those setbacks. The […]

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5 Unusual Reasons Why I LOVE Self Employment

5 unusual and entertaining reasons why I LOVE self employment

It has been over a year now that I left my corporate job and became a stay at home dad/blogger. I LOVE being self employed part time. If I knew what a great fit it was, I would have tried to get here much sooner. Every day is like Christmas combined with Thanksgiving! For this article, I’m scratching my head trying to come up with a list of entertaining reasons why I like being self employed. Of course, wearing PJ all days and not having to go into the office are great, but I’ll try to list the more personal […]

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