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Finding a Meaningful Life after Early Retirement

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Are you living a meaningful life? I think it’s pretty difficult to lead a meaningful life when you’re working for someone else full time. You dedicate most of your waking hours to work and the remainder of your days is taken up by routine chores. Of course, if your work is meaningful, then you’ve got [...]

How Much Does It Cost To Live A Modest Lifestyle?

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It took a lot of lucky breaks for me to retire from my engineering career before 40. I was able to find a well paying job right out of school and started investing right away. I had some trouble with investing at first, but I settled on a long term strategy and was able to [...]

{ 7 comments } 5 Finance Lessons Learned by Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner thumbnail

The following article is by Kristi Muse, our staff writer. She is a great freelance writer, blogger, police officer’s wife, and stay at home mom of two. Who doesn’t love eating a week’s worth of calories in one sitting? Thanksgiving is the one day each year it’s alright to indulge in too much food while celebrating [...]

{ 24 comments } 3 Ways to Avoid Downgrading Your Lifestyle After Retirement thumbnail

Last week, I got an interesting comment on my July cash flow update. “I like how you don’t seem to compromise quality of life for over-frugality!” This comment is interesting because quality of life is so subjective. We spend about $4,500 per month and that’s a very comfortable level for us. However, this level of [...]