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Investing After the Brexit

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Were you surprised that the British voted to leave the European Union? I wasn’t following the development closely, but the Brexit vote surprised me. Most polls predicted the UK would remain with the EU so I didn’t pay much attention until the surprising result came out. I assumed that the Brits would remain because it’s [...]


I’ve been using Personal Capital to track my finances for about 4 years now and it has been an invaluable tool in our journey to financial independence. Personal Capital is a free “account aggregator” that will help you track all aspects of your finances in one place. I use the site to track our net [...]

Reader’s Story – Should Mike Retire Early?

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Today we have a letter from a reader, Michael Phelps (not his real name). He is in a great financial position to retire early, but should he? Here is his email with some minor edits. Hi, Joe I'm 31 years old and I have a net worth of about ~$1,600,000 mainly from investing quite a [...]

Are You in Financial Denial?

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Last week, I was catching up on season 1 of the show Fear the Walking Dead. This TV series is a spinoff from the popular zombie apocalypse show – The Walking Dead. This prequel is set in Los Angeles during the initial zombie outbreak. The show was not bad, but most of the characters are [...]