5 Ways Regular People Can Invest In Real Estate

5 Ways Regular People Can Invest In Real Estate

One of my brothers, Chris, is in town for a visit and we were talking about housing during dinner. He is saving up some cash because he is planning to buy a house in a year or two. He said a house is a good investment, but it’s just too expensive in the Bay Area. Currently he is renting a room in a friend’s home and he is thinking about moving to a more affordable location like Austin, TX. Personally, I don’t think a primary residence is really a good investment. If you’re single, it’s probably better to rent and […]

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Lump Sum Investing or Dollar Cost Averaging?


Recently, I had an email exchange with one of our readers about how to start investing in the Roth IRA. Previously, I stated that I usually transfer $5,500 to my account, then wait for a pull back to invest. The main reason I invest $5,500 at once instead of spreading it out over the year is to avoid the transaction fees. I don’t want to pay $10 or whatever it costs to add shares to my Roth IRA every month. Here is Howard’s question. “I am about to put in my $5,500 in the IRA. I plan to buy a […]

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Why Keep Playing The Stock Market Game If You Already Won?

Why keep playing the stock market game when you already won?

Have you heard this phase – Why keep playing the game if you already won? People are funny. We work hard and take risks to get what we want, but when we actually achieve our dreams, we can’t stop. Americans are raised to keep pushing forward to achieve more. Our culture values hard work and frowns upon idle hands. We find it really difficult to say ‘enough’ and be satisfied with life. On top of that, our consumerism environment is pushing us to accumulate more and more. On Monday, I wrote about paying for a house in cash and got […]

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10 Reasons To Pay For A House In Cash

10 reasons to pay cash for a house

As I mentioned last week, we may have an opportunity to do something that most people can’t afford to – Pay for a house in cash. If we sell our 2 rental properties and our primary home, then we should have enough for a bigger house (about 1,500 sq ft in a really good location). However, is it a good idea to pay cash for a house? The interest rate is still very low, so shouldn’t we take advantage of it? I like mortgages and I don’t think they are bad debts as long as you don’t overbuy. In fact, […]

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