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Invest Better With DRAFTapp

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Have you ever wondered how well you’re doing with your investment compare to other investors out there? I do, but it’s difficult to find the right benchmark to measure against. The best I can come up with is to check against the S&P 500 index. That’s a nice benchmark in general, but it would be [...]

Free Financial Management for Your College Savings


I have been very lucky financially and I have my parents to thank. They taught me to live below my means and helped started me down the path to financial freedom. Thanks to my parents, I graduated with a Master degree in 1996 without any student loans. I worked part time, but my parents covered [...]

Are You Prepared For The Next Stock Market Crash?

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Isn’t it a great time to be an investor in the stock market? The stock market has been on a tear for over five years and every investor has made a lot of money during that period. It’s great to see our net worth increase on paper, but this can’t last forever. Historically, the stock [...]

Q1 2015 Dividend Income Update

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Q1 2015 is over and it’s time for a dividend income update. One of my goals for 2015 is to generate $10,000 in dividend income. Let’s see how we did so far this year and go over a few highlights and lowlights. For the first quarter of 2015, our dividend income was $2,715. That’s great! [...]