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How Early Retirement Impacts Social Security Benefits

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I originally wrote this post in 2012 to figure out how early retirement impacts Social Security benefits. It’s been 4 years so I thought I’d check my Social Security statement and update the post with some current numbers. Also, it was National Social Security week earlier this month, April 4-13th. The Social Security office wants [...]

Dividend Income Update – Q1 2016

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I started investing in the stock market when I began working full time in 1996. First, I contributed to my 401k. After a few years, I was able to fully max out my 401k contribution and kept that up until now. Currently, my retirement funds are all invested in low cost Vanguard funds. I also [...]

How Many Sources of Income Do You Have?

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The internet said a typical millionaire has 7 sources of income. I don’t know if this is accurate, but I’m sure wealthy people have more than one source of income. Most of us start off with just one source of income – earned income. That’s how we start our working life. We go to school, [...]

2020 Challenge: Passive Income VS Expense

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This is the 2016 update for our 2020 Challenge: generate enough passive income to exceed our expenses. Mrs. RB40 plans to retire in 2020 and it would be really nice if we can accomplish this goal by then. We have passive income from different sources and for this challenge we’ll count all of them. Here [...]