Making More vs Saving More

Making More vs Saving More

The following article is from Mike, our staff writer.  When Joe and I first talked about the possibility of me being an RB40 contributor, he asked me a few financial questions to see if I’d be a good fit.  One of those questions was: “Which do you think is more important? Saving more or earning more?” This was a real no-brainer for me because I had just discussed this exact topic over a glass of wine with some friends a few nights earlier. The obvious answer is that you want to earn more and save more.  Remember, the simple way […]

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You need to know a little DIY home repair to be a landlord

You need to know a little DIY home repair to be a landlord

Are you a landlord or an aspiring landlord? Rental properties are a great way to generate passive income, but it could be a lot of work, too. We have a property manager for our 4 plex, but I manage our old house and another condo myself. One of the requirements of managing your own rentals is at least a little DIY ability. Now, I am not the handiest guy around and we don’t have a lot of tools because our small condo doesn’t have a lot of storage space. That’s too bad because if we had storage, I could build […]

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How To Prioritize Your Investments For Financial Independence


First off, I’m not a professional financial advisor and I’m just sharing what worked for me. If you need help with your investments, you might want to talk to a financial advisor. When I got my first job, I had no idea how to invest my income. I never had any extra money before and investing was a foreign concept to me. I knew how to be frugal and to save money, but I knew nothing about investing.   Luckily, my dad pushed me to start contributing to my 401k right away. This was a great advice and it started me […]

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June 2013 Goals and Financial Update

June financial update cash flow

June Highlights and Lowlights Vacation! – We took a 2 week road trip vacation to California. It was a ton of fun, but we also spent quite a bit of money. We paid for the trip in May and June so it’s spread out over two months. Net worth - It’s mid year so I thought it would be a good time to update the value of our properties. The real estate market has been going up this year so our net worth got a nice boost this month.  The stock market and bonds didn’t do well and we dropped a […]

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