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{ 51 comments } Is The Disability Program The Ticket To Early Retirement?

A few weeks ago, I heard a story – Unfit For Work on This American Life and it’s quite startling. Do you know there are 14 million people currently on the disability program?  People on disability are not counted in the unemployment rate because they are not part of the workforce. You can read more [...]

Should you help your aging parents financially?

{ 55 comments } should you help your aging parent financially?

This is a tough question that will affect more and more of us every day. Pensions are becoming rarer and most people retiring today have very little retirement savings. Luckily, social security is still paying out, but that might change in the future. People are also living longer these days and it’s easy to see [...]

Stay At Home Dad’s Bodyweight Playground Workout

{ 38 comments } stay at home dad bodyweight workout playground

Can you believe that March is almost over? That mean Q1 is almost done and it’s time to dust off the 2013 New Year’s resolutions and get a few things ticked off. One of my goals for 2013 is to come up with a sustainable exercise program and do it. I used to go to [...]

The Peril of Midnight Blogging

{ 76 comments } midnight snack munchies taco burrito

To non bloggers, this is a glimpse into a blogger’s work day. To other bloggers, this is actually a cry for help. Now that I’m a full time stay at home dad, it’s quite difficult to get anything, especially writing, done. As parents everywhere know, kids don’t like it when you don’t pay attention to [...]