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Living In The Sandwich Generation

{ 15 comments } Living In The Sandwich Generation

Today's article is brought to you by Cindy, our main writer at Midlife Finance. I'm still busy trying to deal with a rental condo, but it should be done this week. I hope you enjoy Cindy's perspective. "I crawled through the cemetery. In the snow," said our seventy-something Mama. She'd stopped to put a rose [...]

The Pros and Cons of Working Less

{ 54 comments } The Pros and Cons of Working Less – Would you work less for less pay?

Would you work less if you could handle it financially? According to the latest State of Engagement Survey from Gallup, 70% of workers don't like their job. I'd guess that more than 70% of us wouldn't mind spending less time at the office. However, middle income households usually do not have this option because they [...]

Do I Really Need Life Insurance?

{ 35 comments } Do I really need life insurance?

One of my 2013 goals was to get life insurance. I had a pretty hefty life insurance policy with my old employer, but now that I’m self employed, I don’t have any life insurance coverage at all. However, my situation is a bit unique and I’m not sure if I really need life insurance. That’s why I have [...]

{ 51 comments } Is The Disability Program The Ticket To Early Retirement?

A few weeks ago, I heard a story – Unfit For Work on This American Life and it’s quite startling. Do you know there are 14 million people currently on the disability program?  People on disability are not counted in the unemployment rate because they are not part of the workforce. You can read more [...]