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The following is a guest article.  Many prospective adult learners worry that they won’t be able to qualify for financial aid now that they’re no longer considered a “traditional” student. The truth is that non-traditional students — those aged 24 and up — can qualify for even more aid since their parents’ income won’t be [...]

5 Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

{ 0 comments } 5 Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

A while back, I wrote about why I can’t be a digital nomad. Well, I am a digital nomad* now, but I’m not roaming around the world much. Perhaps when our kid is done with school, then I’d become a real wanderer. I could work anywhere as long as I have an internet connection, but [...]

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The following is a guest post. Many people falsely assume that it's very expensive to buy classic car insurance. After all, these vehicles are quite valuable and require hard-to-find parts. The truth is that this type of coverage usually costs less than $350 per year. Classic auto insurance quotes remain low for a number of [...]

Budgeting for the Win

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The following is a guest post.  The word “budget” can make some people cringe, but it doesn’t have to be looked at like a chore.  Budgeting can be a tool to achieve the fun things in life.  If you can make a realistic budget and stick to it, you will have more control over your [...]