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A Perfect Day At TEDxPortland

A Perfect Day At TEDxPortland

Last weekend, Mrs. RB40 went to TEDxPortland and she is kind enough to share her experience with us. Have you been to an inspirational event like this? Check out some of the talks online and let her know what you think. A space filled with 3,000 people can cause major paralysis to a super introvert such as myself.  But I really wanted to attend a TED event and finally got to do so at this past weekend’s 4th ever TEDxPortland. I missed the first three years due to other obligations, so when someone I knew who happened to be a […]

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The Anti 9-5 Approach to Building Wealth

The Anti 9-5 Approach to Building Wealth

The following is a guest post from Anton Ivanov from Financessful. Get a good job, live below your means, save as much as you can and invest in index funds. With time, your discipline will be rewarded with a successful retirement. We’ve all heard this financial advice time and time again. It’s the traditional way of building wealth. But is it the only (or the best) way? The Limitations of a 9-5 job One of the problems with working a regular 9-5 job is limited income potential. Sure, you can graduate from a good school, land a high-paying job and […]

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Investing In Gold And Silver

investing in gold and silver

The following is a guest post from Cindy who writes at Midlife Finance. After my post on ways to hedge your bets for expenses and investing, one commenter asked about investing in gold. Was it a good option for safeguarding your money? Well, yes…maybe. First, it’s necessary to decide how you want to deal with these precious metals. (I’m adding silver into the discussion, though other metals, like platinum and copper, are also significant.) People have been using them for coinage and ornamental purposes for thousands of years; early civilizations like the Sumerians and Egyptians seem to have focused primarily on […]

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You Only Live Once, Right? What You Can Do With This Logic

you only live once so make the most of it

This following is a guest post from Martin of Studenomics. You only live once. A phrase that’s usually followed by some very careless action. Do you only live once? Is early retirement extreme not an option? What I love about this site is that it explores the possibilities of what can happen if you make the right moves in your youth with your finances. It’s too easy to get caught up with the distractions. It’s okay to do stupid things because you only live once. You got to be dumb because you only have one life to live. Right? Well, […]

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