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A Perfect Day At TEDxPortland

A Perfect Day At TEDxPortland

Last weekend, Mrs. RB40 went to TEDxPortland and she is kind enough to share her experience with us. Have you been to an inspirational event like this? Check out some of the talks online and let her know what you think. A space filled with 3,000 people can cause major paralysis to a super introvert such as myself.  But I really wanted to attend a TED event and finally got to do so at this past weekend’s 4th ever TEDxPortland. I missed the first three years due to other obligations, so when someone I knew who happened to be a […]

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3 Steps to Getting Your Spouse on Board with Your Goals

3 Steps to Getting Your Spouse on Board with Your Goals

The following article is from Mike, our staff writer.  We all have things we want to accomplish but sometimes the daily grind of life gets in the way and we find ourselves going through the motions rather than deliberately working towards our goals.  Even more frustrating is when you and your spouse aren’t focused on the same goals.  Rather than working together you end up getting in each other’s way. If you find yourself in this situation just follow this simple three step formula to make sure you and your spouse are on the same page and working as a team. […]

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Reader Case Study – Work 5 More Years to Collect Full Pension?

Reader Case Study – Early Retirement with Municipal Bonds

Hey Everyone, Today, we’ll take a look at an early retirement case study. Adam wrote me a couple of weeks ago to see if he can get a second opinion on his family’s early retirement plan. Let’s go over their info and see if we can help them make up their mind. The Current Situation Adam is 49 and his wife Jane is 48. They do not have kids and no one is relying on them financially. Adam and Jane are ready to leave their corporate jobs. Their jobs are stressful and Adam has been assigned to 24×7 support for […]

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The Key to Achieving Long Term Goals

The Key to Achieving Long Term Goals fitness finance consistency sustainability

One of my New Year resolutions is to get leaner. Specifically, I’m trying to reduce my body fat percentage from 20% down to 17% by the end of the year. I stopped going to the gym when I quit my job to become a stay at home dad and the long layoff really took a toll on my fitness. I thought I’d be able to stay somewhat fit by walking around and being active with the kid, but that didn’t work. While I’m a lot more active than when I was working a desk job, walking around doesn’t really raise […]

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