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10 Father’s Day Gifts for Stay at Home Dads


Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday; did you get something for the dads in your life yet? Dads can be difficult to buy for. Trust me, I am a dad and I don’t want to buy anything because I am a frugal stay at home dad. I absolutely do not want anything that isn’t useful. [...]

When Did Summer Become so Expensive?

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Woo hoo! Summer is here. A lot of people love autumn in Portland, but I prefer summer. The weather is usually very good and it doesn’t get too hot and muggy here. School is also out. We live near Portland State University and the whole area slows down a little bit in the summer. There [...]

10 Things I Will Bring When We Move to Paradise

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Do you have an ultimate goal? My ultimate goal is to acquire a piece of land in a nice tropical location where I can build the RB40 villa. We’ll build several small and environmental friendly huts for vacation rentals. It will be like a luxurious campground where family and friends can have a reunion or conduct [...]

What is Your Frugal Kryptonite?

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If your income is in the middle and lower class, then frugality is the first step to financial independence. When you are frugal, you can live below your means and invest the savings to improve your long term finances. Increasing your income is also very important, but it is impossible to become financially independent if [...]