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Christmas Bucket List 2014 Update

{ 21 comments } Christmas bucket list

*I'm updating Retire By 40 this Christmas. I hope it will be done by Sunday. If you see any weirdness, please ignore and check back on Monday. I know, not the merriest way to spend Christmas, but it's the only time I have... Happy Holidays! Life is short so we need to live it now. It's [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  We didn't do much at all this year. We read, watched Spiderman cartoon, listened to some music, played with Lego, overate, and just relaxed at home. I cooked the Turkey and Mrs. RB40 made a bunch of side dishes. The mash potato was really good this year. It [...]

10 Smart Ways to Spend a $1,000 Windfall

{ 29 comments } smart ways to spend $1000 windfall high tech employee antitrust litigation class action lawsuit

Whoa! I got a check from the High-Tech Employee Antitrust class action lawsuit. Check it out! This is a lot more than the usual $14 I see from these class action cases. The exact amount is actually $1,340.32. I put $1,000 in the title of this article for the search engines. I think Google likes [...]

Halloween Fun On The Cheap

{ 14 comments } Halloween Fun On The Cheap

Are you ready for Halloween? Americans are projected to spend $7.4 billion on costumes, candy, and decorations this Halloween according to the National Retail Federation. Wow, that sounds like a lot of money, but it’s tiny compared to the $600 billion we’ll spend this holiday season. Yowza! That’s too much money for me to wrap [...]