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What is Your Frugal Kryptonite?

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If your income is in the middle and lower class, then frugality is the first step to financial independence. When you are frugal, you can live below your means and invest the savings to improve your long term finances. Increasing your income is also very important, but it is impossible to become financially independent if [...]

Valentine’s Day Mash-up

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Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! Or as a parent with small children see it – another nonevent day. Life is just too exhausting when you have a young child to celebrate Valentine’s Day. However, it seems most people disagree with me because Valentine’s Day spending is approaching $19 billion! Wow, that’s a lot of money. I [...]

I Got My High-Tech Antitrust Settlement Check!

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Yes! I just received my High-Tech Antitrust Settlement Check! If you’ve been paying careful attention to my recent cash flow updates, you would have seen a hint about this. I was hoping for a windfall so I can use it to beef up our liquidity and contribute a little extra to our tax advantaged accounts. [...]

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed some quality time with your loved ones. We stayed home, relaxed, cooked, watched TV, and ate all day. It was great! We haven’t had a relaxing day like this since last Thanksgiving. We’re not planning to go anywhere on Friday either. We’ve not brave [...]