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What would you do for a buck?

{ 36 comments } what would you do for a buck?

Yesterday, I was walking to the Portland State University library to do a little blogging and saw a big van with a sign “We’ll Pay You $1.00 to Watch This 4-Minute Video.” How could I say no to that? A volunteer led me to one of the 10 video monitors installed and I spent 4 […] Read More

Why I gave up my engineering career

{ 231 comments } Why I gave up engineering career

One of our readers is going back to school for an engineering degree and asked me to write a detailed post on why I gave up my engineering career. It’s a great career that pays well and are in demand, but it might not be for everyone. Computers fascinated me when I was young and […] Read More

Go It Alone

{ 141 comments } be your own boss

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss? Did you dream of starting your own business when you were young? If you are not self-employed now, what is stopping you? Is it not the right time? The timing is never perfect, but at some point in your life, the opportunity to go it alone […] Read More