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Do we need a bigger home?

{ 76 comments } Do we need a bigger home?

I hope you enjoyed Cindy’s article about Living In The Sandwich Generation last time. Actually, I don’t think it is a necessarily a bad thing. We should strive help our parents and kids in whatever way we can. Helping each other builds a tighter family bond and shows the younger generation a good example. Through […] Read More

Is Early Retirement a Good Example for Your Kids?

{ 52 comments } Is Early Retirement a Good Example for Your Kids?

Last week, I got an email from a new reader asking a thought-provoking question about leaving Corporate America. “What sort of signal does it send to my kids?  Will I still be a good role model?” It’s a conundrum. We all want our kids to work hard, right? I don’t want my kid to grow […] Read More

We Can Travel Again!

{ 54 comments } We Can Travel Again!

Wow, time really flies when you have a kid. RB40 Jr. is almost 3 years old now and he is growing so much every day. Long time readers will remember when he was just a 6 lb 4 oz ass kicking machine. Now he is running around and getting into all kinds of trouble. He […] Read More

Stay-At-Home-Parents Need a Little Break Too

{ 53 comments } stay at home parents mom dad need a little break too

I just realized that I haven’t given an update on my stay at home dad situation in a while so here goes. In September, we tried to send RB40 Jr. to preschool, but it didn't work out so well. Basically, he cried until he fell asleep every day. After 4 days, the preschool said they […] Read More

Education options for the kid if we move overseas

{ 56 comments } Education options for Mini RB40 if we move overseas

Our current plan is to reside in the US until Mini RB40 starts college, then we will live part time overseas. I would like to live in Thailand and then South America for a few years each. RB40 Jr. will start college in about 16 years and we will be 56. We won’t qualify for […] Read More

The First Week of Preschool is Mercifully Over!

{ 69 comments } The First Week of Preschool is Mercifully Over!

Today we’ll venture in to daddy blogger territory in full force. The first week of preschool was pretty crazy and I just have to share it with you.  RB40 Jr. is two and a half and he barely made the cutoff for his preschool. I had a difficult time finding a preschool for him because […] Read More

The Ridiculous Cost of Daycare


Ugh, daycare. This is a difficult subject for every parent. Baby RB40 started daycare when he was 5 months old and stayed for about a year. It was very difficult for us to let him go because he was so little and we didn't want to let him out of our sight. Who knows how […] Read More

Swarming Pigeons, Dog Poop, Happiness, and $60,000

{ 67 comments } can money buy happiness?

We had a rare mild sunny day here in Portland last week so we took advantage of it by going out to run around some nearby parks. First we went to feed the pigeons with a couple pieces of stale bread. The pigeons have been listless lately because it has been so cold, but today […] Read More

Being a Happy Stay-At-Home-Dad Isn’t Easy

{ 63 comments } stay at home dad challenges

If you told me 10 years ago that I would be a stay at home dad, I’d say NO WAY! I was making good money at a challenging job, so why would I quit and become the primary car taker? Mrs. RB40 felt the same way and we were chugging along quite well as a […] Read More

My week as a single dad

{ 29 comments } single dad stay at home dad

About a month ago, I met Glen from Parenting Family Money at a local blogger meet up. He’s not local, but he was taking an extensive tour of Portland. We talked a bit and he asked if I ever had days where being a stay at home dad/blogger is more difficult than working full time. […] Read More