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5 Best Financial Decisions I Ever Made

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Here is a tough question for you. What was the best financial decision you’ve made? Life is really good for us right now and a large part of that is due to many smart decisions we have made in the past. I also think we are very lucky because we haven’t made any huge mistakes […] Read More

When to Invest a Lump Sum

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Did you make some money from the Brexit dip? The British voted to leave the European Union and the stock markets around the world weren’t expecting it. Every stock market index dropped sharply for a few days, but it looks like the US has recovered nicely. Even the FTSE 100 index, London Stock Exchange’s 100 […] Read More

How Many Sources of Income Do You Have?

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The internet said a typical millionaire has 7 sources of income. I don’t know if this is accurate, but I’m sure wealthy people have more than one source of income. Most of us start off with just one source of income – earned income. That’s how we start our working life. We go to school, […] Read More

Avoiding the Middle Class Squeeze


Last time, we saw that a large percentage of American households feel they don’t have enough money to enjoy life. The main problem for the lower class households is they just don’t make enough income. The only way to escape from the lower class is to increase their income significantly through education or by starting […] Read More

Escaping From The Lower Class

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Earlier this week, Prosper Marketplace sent me their latest Financial Wellness Study. They surveyed 1,000 Americans with decision-making power in their finances to see how their households are doing. The result of the study is a little depressing because most American families are struggling with their finances. We are doing pretty well financially, but it […] Read More

Retiring In A Bear Market

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It’s not even a month into 2016 and the stock market is already in turmoil. The S&P 500 index was down by double digit percentage and who knows where we will go from here. A few major stock indexes around the world already entered a bear market (20% decline) and I suspect that 2016 will […] Read More

My 5 Year Plan to Grow Our Passive Income

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Earlier this week, I had an interview with Eric at the Personal Profitability Podcast. One great question that came up was how I plan to grow our passive income so Mrs. RB40 can retire by 2020. We are living a modest and comfortable lifestyle right now, but we are still dependent on Mrs. RB40’s job. If […] Read More

Why A Million Dollars Is Better Than A Steady Job

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Last week, I read this little nugget of goodness at Budgets are $exy, one of my favorite personal finance sites. “Two thirds (67%) said they would rather have a steady job with a modest income than become a millionaire with a chance of going broke within a few years.” This was from Capital One’s survey […] Read More

Investing a Lump Sum in Midlife

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I just got an email from a reader, Julie, asking how she should invest a lump sum. Her husband recently passed away and the life insurance payment should allow her financial freedom for the rest of her life. First of all, I want to give my condolences to Julie. It’s always difficult when you lost […] Read More

How to Save $50,000 Per Year in Your Tax Advantaged Accounts

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One of our goals this year is to save and invest at least $50,000 in our various tax advantaged accounts. 2014 is just about over and I’m happy to report that we hit this one out of the park. We saved $56,800 in our tax advantaged accounts this year! Here are the details. Mrs. RB40 […] Read More