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Is Contentment The Enemy of Progress?

{ 43 comments } Is Contentment The Enemy of Progress? thumbnail

Is contentment the enemy of progress? That’s what I’ve been asking myself lately. Life has been really good over the past few years but I feel myself starting to stagnate. This is a huge contrast to 5 years ago when I first started this blog. I was unsatisfied with my career and I was doing […] Read More

Mrs. RB40’s Foreign Service Dream

{ 37 comments } Mrs. RB40’s Foreign Service Dream thumbnail

In August, Mrs. RB40 took a trip to Washington DC to interview for a job opportunity. This inflated our expense a bit and put us in the red for the month. One of our sharp eyed readers asked if we are contemplating a move to DC and how would that work out if Mrs. RB40 […] Read More

Can Money Buy More Happiness?

{ 53 comments } Can Money Buy More Happiness? thumbnail

Last week, I wrote the 3 Ways to Avoid Downgrading Your Lifestyle After Retirement. We did this mainly through saving a big portion of our income when I was working. We put an artificial cap on our monthly expenditures and that made it easy to maintain the same lifestyle when I stopped making a 6 […] Read More

Can You Be Happy Without Ambition?

{ 49 comments } Can You Be Happy Without Ambition? thumbnail

One of the main reasons why I quit the corporate world is because I lacked the ambition to be really successful in my old career. I liked the technical work, the paychecks, and the friends I made from work. That’s pretty much it. I never wanted to move up the corporate ladder or to become […] Read More

Do Conflicting Money Values Mean A Marriage is Doomed?

{ 51 comments } Conflicting Money Values = Bad Marriage

In my opinion, the biggest factor in building wealth and a happy life is a good partner. Luckily, Mrs. RB40 and I have compatible financial values. Both of us enjoy saving and prioritize financial security over immediate gratification. By working as a team, we have been able to invest a substantial portion of our income […] Read More

Would You Choose The Portland Lifestyle Over Wealth?

{ 63 comments } Would You Choose The Portland Lifestyle Over Wealth?

Did you know that Oregon was the number one destination among people who moved from one state to another in 2013? I’m sure Portland is a big part of that because it’s been on many “most livable cities” lists in the last few years. Is Portland really a great place to live? Well, it depends […] Read More

How’s Life 2 Years After Early Retirement?

{ 71 comments } How’s Life 2 Years After Early Retirement?

It's been 2 years since I left my corporate job and I’m still retired. Yes! I still remember the elation I felt as I drove away from the office for the last time with Van Halen’s Right Now blasting in the car. Time flies when you’re having fun and these past 2 years flashed by […] Read More

Are You Living The Life You Want?

{ 56 comments } are you living the life you want? Life is short

Life is short. That’s what I figured out when I hit my 30s. Before that, I never gave much thought to the impermanency of things. I guess I've been lucky and I didn't lose too many friends and family when I was young. As I got older, I became much more conscious of friends, family, […] Read More

{ 50 comments } It’s Time to Get Back in Shape (after 18 months away from the gym)

I haven’t had a decent workout for over a year and a half and it’s time to get back to the gym. I used to go to the company’s gym at lunch 3-5 times per week and it really helped me manage stress. When I became a stay at home dad, I was planning to […] Read More

How Much Money Do You Need To Feel Wealthy?

{ 109 comments } How much money do you need to feel wealthy?

On Monday, I asked – Are you getting richer every year? We had 339 votes so far and an overwhelming 96% believe they are doing better every year. This poll is a bit biased toward younger folks. As long as you are working and in good health, chances are you will be able to accumulate […] Read More