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The 3 Biggest Problems with Portland

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I’m going off topic today because life isn’t all about money, right? We live in Portland and long time readers would know that I love Portland. I moved to Portland in 1996 to work for the Megacorp. It was a rough transition at first because I went to college in sunny Santa Barbara, CA. The [...]

When Did Summer Become so Expensive?

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Woo hoo! Summer is here. A lot of people love autumn in Portland, but I prefer summer. The weather is usually very good and it doesn’t get too hot and muggy here. School is also out. We live near Portland State University and the whole area slows down a little bit in the summer. There [...]

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This post is produced with support from Debitize, in partnership with Kasai Media. Credit cards are a great modern convenience. I didn’t get a credit card until my senior year in college and I didn’t use it much. I mostly used my debit card or cash because I was deathly afraid of debt. I used [...]

Are You in Financial Denial?

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Last week, I was catching up on season 1 of the show Fear the Walking Dead. This TV series is a spinoff from the popular zombie apocalypse show – The Walking Dead. This prequel is set in Los Angeles during the initial zombie outbreak. The show was not bad, but most of the characters are [...]