Why We Buy So Much Useless Stuff

why we buy a lot of useless stuff

Recently, my friend Jerri visited from Seattle and brought a friend along. We had coffee, went for a stroll around Portland, and her friend purchased a Portland mug from Starbucks. She jokingly said, well, I gotta have a mug to show I was in Portland. I overheard this and I thought to myself, oh man, another piece of junk to clutter up the house. So we got into a discussion of why people buy these kitschy stuffs. They thought that it’s because we worked hard so we deserve to treat ourselves. I thought people just have too much disposable income. […]

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Retirement Investing 101: Track Your Expense

Retirement Investing 101: Track Your Expense

One of these days, I’d like to put together an early retirement guide, but I just don’t have time to write the whole thing at once. I’ll have to write it a piece at a time and then put it together later. Our kid just takes up so much time. I don’t know how my mom did it with 3 boys. Let’s take a step back and start at the beginning. The first step to retirement investing is actually quite simple, but it can be a lot of work if you haven’t done it before. It’s essential to track your […]

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Our Kid Doesn’t Cost That Much (So Far…)

Our Kid Doesn't Cost That Much (So Far…)

We all know kids aren’t cheap. If you’re not financially secure, a baby can wreck havoc on your budget. That’s one of the reasons why we waited to have a kid until we were in our late 30s. I’m sure you have seen the ridiculous amounts the USDA estimated a kid will cost. You can use the estimator at CNN Money (based on USDA’s 2012 estimates.) It shows we’ll spend $255,237 raising our kid until he’s 18 years old. That’s not even including college, so it’s a bit scary. Actually, I wrote about this topic two years ago, but now […]

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Why our monthly bills seem so low…

Why our monthly bills seem so low…

I just published our March cash flow report and many comments asked me to expand it a bit more. Why are our monthly bills so low? I’ll try to explain it today. How you keep your grocery bill so low? We spent $364 (+ $40) on groceries last month. Is this low for 2 adults and a small child? This is quite a bit more than what we spent when we didn’t have a kid. Five years ago, we spent less than $200/month on groceries. Now with a young child, we are trying to eat more organic food so the […]

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