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Pay No Tax on Roth IRA Conversion

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I’m about to blow your mind today. I have been wondering if I could contribute to my i401k and do a Roth IRA conversion in the same year. Mrs. RB40 is planning to retire soon and I want to start building a Roth IRA ladder when she does. I wasn’t sure if there would be [...]

Escaping From The Lower Class

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Earlier this week, Prosper Marketplace sent me their latest Financial Wellness Study. They surveyed 1,000 Americans with decision-making power in their finances to see how their households are doing. The result of the study is a little depressing because most American families are struggling with their finances. We are doing pretty well financially, but it [...]

Interview with Ernie Zelinski


Hey everyone, We have an absolute treat for you today. I’m a huge fan of Ernie Zelinski and he was gracious enough to let me interview him for an article. Ernie is the author of The Joy of Not Working and How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free. I read both of these books while [...]

3 Ways I Keep My Business’ Overhead Costs Low

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This post of from our writer, Kayla. I need a little help in June because school is out and we are taking a trip to California. If you’ve been reading personal finance blogs for very long, you may have noticed a trend in our community – we are all chronic side hustlers and entrepreneurs. I think [...]