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Starting From Rock Bottom

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This article is from our new writer, Kayla. She is in her mid 20s and is at the start of her financial independence journey. She works full time, has a part time job, and owns a direct-selling home business. Now she has taken up freelance writing, VA, and blogs at Shoeaholic No More. Yikes, does [...]

What I’ve Learned from the RB40 Community

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This is Melanie's last post for Retire By 40. She is moving on to bigger and better assignments. I'm really happy for her especially because she took such a huge leap in quitting her job to become a freelancer while still trying to pay off her student loans. It goes to show that sometimes you [...]

Do Entrepreneurs Get Sick Days?


Well, the entire RB40 household has succumbed to the influenza epidemic. As usual, the little guy got sick first. He must have contracted the flu virus from preschool or the gym’s childcare early last week. RB40 Jr. was down most of the day on Thursday, but he bounced back just in time for the weekend. [...]

Being Frugal Might Not Be A Good Idea

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Oh no, two frugal centric articles in one week! Sorry about that. I didn’t coordinate with Melanie enough so that’s why we ended up with two frugal articles this week. Don’t leave yet, though. I’m going to tell you why being frugal might not be a good idea after all. I have always been pretty [...]