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5 Things I Miss About Work

5 things I miss about work

Things I miss about work? This is a tough one for me to write. First of all, life is fantastic right now after 2 years without a full time job. Family life is better, I’m not stressed out, and even our finance is doing pretty well. I can’t complain at all. Second, I hate dwelling on regrets. It’s a downer and I’d rather focus on the present and figure out how to improve the future. Maybe that’s why my memory is so bad… It’s also difficult for me to admit missing anything about the job that I willingly walked away from. […]

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How’s Life 2 Years After Early Retirement?

How's Life 2 Years After Early Retirement?

It’s been 2 years since I left my corporate job and I’m still retired. Yes! I still remember the elation I felt as I drove away from the office for the last time with Van Halen’s Right Now blasting in the car. Time flies when you’re having fun and these past 2 years flashed by in a blink. I am living life on my own terms without someone (besides my son and wife) dictating how I spend my time. That freedom alone made quitting the corporate job worth it. Let’s see how we’re doing after 2 years without a full […]

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Are You Living The Life You Want?

are you living the life you want? Life is short

Life is short. That’s what I figured out when I hit my 30s. Before that, I never gave much thought to the impermanency of things. I guess I’ve been lucky and I didn’t lose too many friends and family when I was young. As I got older, I became much more conscious of friends, family, coworkers, and even celebrities who passed away. Micheal Jackson, Christopher Reeve, Patrick Swayze, Steve Irvin, John Ritter are all people I grew up with and they all died pretty young. They made me realized that I have to find happiness now and not put it off […]

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Should you invest in your 401k if you plan to retire early?

Should you invest in your 401k if you plan to retire early?

Some readers brought up an interesting point in response to the 3 Ways To Define Financial Independence. Should you count your 401k and IRA when you calculate your Financial Freedom Ratio*? You can’t access these tax advantaged retirement funds without penalty (10%) until age 59-1/2. If you plan to retire at 40 or 50, wouldn’t it be better to invest in a taxable account so your saving is easier to access? *Financial Freedom Ratio (FFR) = investable asset/annual expense. If your FFR is over 25, then you’re close to financial independence. First of all, I count our 401k and IRA in […]

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