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early retirement

Tawcan’s 7 Phases of Retirement

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I wrote The 7 Phases of Retirement in 2013 and encouraged readers to submit their plans. You need a road map to find your way to early retirement because you probably won’t get there by accident. Today's post is from Tawcan who blogs at Tawcan.com. He is in his early 30's, happily married for 5 years so far, [...]

Can You Retire With 5 Million Dollars?

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Can you retire with 5 million dollars? For most people, the answer would be - Heck yes! I’d retire in a heartbeat! Using the 4% safe withdrawal rate, you can withdraw $200,000 per year. That’s more than most people make every year and it could fund a very comfortable lifestyle. However, accumulating 5 million dollars [...]

How Early Retirement Impacts Social Security Benefits

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I originally wrote this post in 2012 to figure out how early retirement impacts Social Security benefits. It’s been 4 years so I thought I’d check my Social Security statement and update the post with some current numbers. Also, it was National Social Security week earlier this month, April 4-13th. The Social Security office wants [...]

Are You Taking the Meandering Path to a Fulfilling Life

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Recently, I finished reading How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims. The concept is good, but the book got a little tedious about half way through. The author’s main point was that college kids are not very resilient these days because parents do everything for them. Stanford kids (where the author was a dean) [...]