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Can Mrs. RB40 Retire Now?

Can wife Retire Now? - Retire By 40

Last time, we talked about how to get your significant other on your side before quitting a job. This time, we’re making it personal. You see, Mrs. RB40 has been complaining about her job more than usual. She is in a 6 month long leadership training program and it’s adding a lot of stress to her work. Quite a few of her coworkers retired earlier this year and they haven’t been able to hire any replacements yet. There is a lot more work for the people still working and things aren’t going to change anytime soon. This summer has also […]

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How to Quit Your Job With The Support of Your Spouse

how to quit job with spousal approval support

A couple of weeks ago, I had coffee with Alice who is thinking about quitting her corporate job. She works more and more with people 10-14 years younger than her and pretty soon, they will have learned everything that she knows. She is stressed out at work and she wants to start her own business. Alice read my story about being a senior engineer and it resonated with her because there are many parallels. At this point in her life, she’d rather find a more flexible job, take a pay cut, and build her own business. Quitting a stable job […]

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Is it easier to Retire Early if you’re married?

Is it easier to Retire Early if you’re married? or single?

Last week, I got one of those emails arguing that I can’t be retired if Mrs. RB40 is still working. Well, I’m not fully retired, but it’s not because my wife is working. The blog takes a lot of work, so I consider myself semi-retired, which I think is the best way to retire. Most people like to work a little bit so they feel productive. Not working at all is just too idle time. From what I read, many retirees have a hard time transitioning to a completely unstructured schedule and this can lead to depression. Anyway, I’d like […]

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Early Retirement Myths Busted

Early Retirement Myths Busted

Oh man, I am worn out. This summer has been hectic for the RB40 household. We traveled to Hawaii, camped at the beach, and took a road trip to Boise. We also kept getting sick for some reason. It seems like we’ve been sick for over a month now. We all had a cold and it went round and round. Mrs. RB40 just got diagnosed with shingles and won’t recover completely for another few weeks! And this morning, RB40 Jr.’s back broke out in itchy hives. Oh no! We dodged a bullet on that one, though. The hives disappeared about […]

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