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Why Keep Playing The Stock Market Game If You Already Won?

Why keep playing the stock market game when you already won?

Have you heard this phase – Why keep playing the game if you already won? People are funny. We work hard and take risks to get what we want, but when we actually achieve our dreams, we can’t stop. Americans are raised to keep pushing forward to achieve more. Our culture values hard work and frowns upon idle hands. We find it really difficult to say ‘enough’ and be satisfied with life. On top of that, our consumerism environment is pushing us to accumulate more and more. On Monday, I wrote about paying for a house in cash and got […]

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I retired at 40, now I’m bored

I retired at 40, now I’m bored

Last week, I got an interesting comment from Jim after he read – Don’t Wait Until Retirement to be Happy. Here it is.   I’m 40 and I’ve retired. It sounds silly, but I’m bored. I don’t know what to do with myself. My wife and I have a small child, but I have absolutely no interest spending 24-7 with a child. I have hobbies, but they don’t take up 16 hours a day. Any suggestions on how to spend time meaningfully? The problem Jim has is a common one. Most people look forward to the day they will retire, […]

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Don’t Wait Until Retirement to be Happy

Don't Wait Until Retirement to be Happy

Last time, we went over Adam and Jane’s early retirement situation. Both of them have been ready to quit their job for a while now and they are just hanging on to shore up their personal saving. If they can work 5 more years, then their pension will be fully vested and they will be able to retire without any financial concerns. In a stressful situation like that, I fully believe you have to do something to lessen the pressure right away. It’s not healthy to hate your job because that’s how you spend at least 50% of your waking […]

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Reader Case Study – Work 5 More Years to Collect Full Pension?

Reader Case Study – Early Retirement with Municipal Bonds

Hey Everyone, Today, we’ll take a look at an early retirement case study. Adam wrote me a couple of weeks ago to see if he can get a second opinion on his family’s early retirement plan. Let’s go over their info and see if we can help them make up their mind. The Current Situation Adam is 49 and his wife Jane is 48. They do not have kids and no one is relying on them financially. Adam and Jane are ready to leave their corporate jobs. Their jobs are stressful and Adam has been assigned to 24×7 support for […]

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