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early retirement

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Last week, I got an interesting comment on my July cash flow update. “I like how you don’t seem to compromise quality of life for over-frugality!” This comment is interesting because quality of life is so subjective. We spend about $4,500 per month and that’s a very comfortable level for us. However, this level of [...]

5 Fantastic Benefits of Early Retirement

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I haven’t been keeping up with Intel lately so I didn’t realize they were going through a round of layoffs (roughly 2%) until Mrs. RB40 forwarded me an article in the Oregonian - Intel layoffs. Revenue is below projection this year due to the shrinking PC market so the layoffs weren’t unexpected. Every time Intel [...]

Bryan’s 7 Phases of Retirement

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The following is a guest post from Bryan @ Just One More Year. I wrote The 7 Phases of Retirement in 2013 and encouraged readers to submit their plans. You need a road map to find your way to early retirement because you won’t get there by accident. Check out Bryan's plan and tell him what [...]

The Ultimate Early Retirement Checklist

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It’s been 3 years since I escaped from the rat race and I still can’t quite believe it sometimes. Sure, I worked hard and saved a large percentage of my income, but I was very lucky, too. Mrs. RB40 has been a great partner and she played a major role in enabling me to retire [...]