Dividend Growth Portfolio for Passive Income

Building a Dividend Growth Portfolio for Passive Income

One of my financial goals for 2014 is to generate $12,000 (pretax) from passive income. This isn’t going to be easy because last year we made about $10,000 last year from dividend, rentals, peer to peer lending, and interest. The heavy lifting will be done by our dividend portfolio and should account for about 75% of our passive income. Our rentals are doing better, but we need to repaint the rental home this year so that will be a big bill. The P2P lending is doing quite well, but I don’t have a huge amount invested so the income will probably be […]

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How To Effortlessly Increase Your Dividend Yield

How To Effortlessly Increase Your Dividend Yield

Last week, I gave a midyear update on our dividend stock portfolio. It’s lagging behind the S&P500 index a bit, but it’s on par with Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIG.) Our dividend yield so far in 2013 is 2.47%. This should go up by the end of the year because many stocks are scheduled to pay dividends in Q4. Anyway, many of the comments I received suggested that I shouldn’t focus on the short term performance. Erich said that I should calculate the dividend based on my cost. I haven’t done that before so I thought I’d try now to […]

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Midyear Dividend Portfolio Checkup

Midyear Dividend Portfolio Checkup dividend income gain yield

Update – I updated this article for 2014. See my updated Dividend Portfolio there. I know it’s way past midyear, but we are way overdue for a dividend portfolio update post. The last time I took a close look at our dividend portfolio was earlier this year in January. Dividend income is one of the most passive ways to generate passive income and I think everyone should build a dividend stock portfolio. It’s way easier than being a landlord, that’s for sure. 2013 goals For 2013, my only goal was to generate $9,000 in dividend income. Now that it’s been over 8 […]

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The Passive Income Earner’s 7 Phases To Retirement

The Passive Income Earner's 7 Phases To Retirement

The following is a guest post from one of my favorite blogger - The Passive Income Earner. He aims to achieve financial independence and retire through dividend investing. I have been following The Passive Income Earner for a couple of years now and it’s great to see the progress he made on his dividend portfolio. Check out his plan and tell him what you think. I found the 7 phases of retirement series very inspiring and it had me reflect on the changes I made and why I made them. We all make mistakes and it’s important we learn from them. Above […]

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