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Join The Debt Movement

Happy New Year! Today, I want to tell you about The Debt Movement started by Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents in partnership with ReadyForZero. They are trying to help people pay off $10 million of debt in 90 days! Wow, that’s a huge amount of money and I hope they can do it. To get everyone rolling, the Debt Movement is offering The Debt Scholarship – that’s $10,000 toward debt for the winners. I’m sure many of us made a New Year’s resolution to pay down debt, so this could be a great jump start to your debt payoff. […]

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Say No to Debt

avoid debt say no to debt

My last post, Retirement advice for young folks, received a good response and I think I should expand more on it. We have more young readers now and I would love to share what I did right and wrong in my early years. We all made some financial mistakes and it’s best to learn from others rather than experiencing those mistakes. Avoiding debt is crucial to healthy personal finance, but Americans are terrible at this. We take on student loans, credit card debt, mortgages, and much more. Let’s take a look at these debts one at a time and see […]

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Student Loans

student loans

This is a guest post from my brother Nik. He is currently an emergency room physician. In our family we were always taught to avoid any debts.  I tried not to borrow anything that I knew I could not pay back (which I would do as soon as possible.)  I did not buy anything that I could not afford.  I never allowed any credit card balance to carry over from month to month to avoid interest charges.  But student loans are different. For our family, education is the number one priority after survival.  Education allows you to advance in the […]

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Don’t Borrow Money To Invest

borrow to invest

Borrowing money to invest in the stock market is a terrible idea for a regular investor. If you’re a genius investor, maybe you can make some profit, but I know it’s not the right move for me. Unfortunately, there are many ways to go into debt to invest. Peer to peer lending. A few days ago, I saw a loan on  Prosper. was asking for $15,000 to “invest in high quality stocks.” The interest rate on this loan is 12%. Here is their strategy – This loan will be used to invest in high quality US stocks like Apple and […]

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