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I’ve been using Personal Capital to track my finances for about 4 years now and it has been an invaluable tool in our journey to financial independence. Personal Capital is a free “account aggregator” that will help you track all aspects of your finances in one place. I use the site to track our net [...]

May 2016 Goals and Financial Updates

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Welcome to summer! We're in for a heat wave in Portland this week. Our average temperature for June is 73 degrees, but we'll see a few days in the 90s this week. I like warm weather, but going from 60s to 90s in one week is a little nutty. Anyway, we are ready for summer. [...]

April 2016 Goals and Financial Update

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Is it just me or did April just fly by? I was busy with our tax return the first half of the month and then Mrs. RB40 got very busy with work. Every week flew by and it’s already May. We didn’t even do anything memorable in April. It was just a quick blur. Anyway, [...]

How Early Retirement Impacts Social Security Benefits

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I originally wrote this post in 2012 to figure out how early retirement impacts Social Security benefits. It’s been 4 years so I thought I’d check my Social Security statement and update the post with some current numbers. Also, it was National Social Security week earlier this month, April 4-13th. The Social Security office wants [...]