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book review

Run Your Household Like A CFO

{ 10 comments } Run Your Household Like A CFO guide to better finance

I bet many of you have read something at Get Rich Slowly. It’s one of the earliest personal finance blogs and I have been reading it on and off for years. Luckily, J.D. Roth (founder of GRS) lives in Portland and I get to hang out with him occasionally. He is a huge inspiration to [...]

The Behavior Gap

{ 14 comments } the behavior gap review

The following is a guest post from Mrs. RB40, our chief editor. My stomach fluttered with excitement and relief as I sold shares of my past employer’s stock. When I worked there, I had participated in the employee stock purchase plan, which allowed employees to purchase stock at a discount.  The sale would fund my [...]

Don’t Quit Your Job Until You Read This Book

{ 24 comments } don’t quit your job book severance pay

Have you thought about quitting your job? The economy is still not good and a steady paycheck is a precious commodity these days. However, there must be some reasons as to why you might want to quit. I left my six figure salary job in July and I haven’t regretted it yet. After 16 years, [...]

Book Review: The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

{ 22 comments } $100 startup chris guillebeau

I must confess I was a bit skeptical about The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau. First of all I never like a long book title. Second, I started his first book, The Art of Non-Conformity, and didn't get very far. However, Chris [...]