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The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing Review & Giveaway

The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing

Stock Market Investing Have you been keeping track of the stock market lately? The Dow Jones and S&P 500 are at their record high. Hooray! If you are a beginner investor, you might think you shouldn’t miss out and it’s time to put some money in the stock market. However, if you have been investing in the stock market for a while, you are probably afraid that stocks are too high. Investing in the stock market requires a lot of patience and guts. In the past, I usually just ignored the volatility and kept adding to my investment portfolio every month. This […]

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The Money Code book & $25 Giveaway

The Money Code $25 giveaway

The USA is one of the most prosperous nations in the world, but Americans are having a harder time dealing with their finances every year. The average household credit debt is over $15,000 (for those who are in debt.) We work hard every day just to buy more and more clothes and soon to be obsolete gadgets. Money is one of the top reasons for a divorce because many of us don’t know how to talk about finance with our partners. Even rich folks don’t feel secure about their finances and keep hoarding more and more money. Clearly we have […]

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The Behavior Gap

the behavior gap review

The following is a guest post from Mrs. RB40, our chief editor. My stomach fluttered with excitement and relief as I sold shares of my past employer’s stock. When I worked there, I had participated in the employee stock purchase plan, which allowed employees to purchase stock at a discount.  The sale would fund my master’s degree, and if I had held onto it at that moment in the technology sector (2005), the stock price would surely decrease. A few years later, I related this to my friend (who still worked at the company), and he looked at me with […]

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Don’t Quit Your Job Until You Read This Book

don't quit your job book severance pay

Have you thought about quitting your job? The economy is still not good and a steady paycheck is a precious commodity these days. However, there must be some reasons as to why you might want to quit. I left my six figure salary job in July and I haven’t regretted it yet. After 16 years, the job was no longer the right fit for me and it was time to move on. Unfortunately,  How to Engineer Your Layoff by Sam @ Financial Samurai came out 2 days after I handed in my two week notice. While I felt that leaving was […]

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