Our Kid Doesn’t Cost That Much (So Far…)

Our Kid Doesn't Cost That Much (So Far…)

We all know kids aren’t cheap. If you’re not financially secure, a baby can wreck havoc on your budget. That’s one of the reasons why we waited to have a kid until we were in our late 30s. I’m sure you have seen the ridiculous amounts the USDA estimated a kid will cost. You can use the estimator at CNN Money (based on USDA’s 2012 estimates.) It shows we’ll spend $255,237 raising our kid until he’s 18 years old. That’s not even including college, so it’s a bit scary. Actually, I wrote about this topic two years ago, but now […]

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5 Reasons You Need a Will

5 reasons you need a will

One of my 2013 New Year’s resolutions was to make a will. I dilly-dallied all year, but I finally got it done towards the end of 2013. Actually, I have been meaning to make a will ever since our kid was born. It’s just too easy to keep putting it off. I’m relatively young and healthy, so it’s inconceivable to think about death at this point. However, a will is a necessity for many of us and here are some reasons why. Minor Children Every parent with children needs to have a will. You need to decide who will take […]

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5 reasons why I can’t be a Digital Nomad

5 reasons why I can't be a Digital Nomad

What the heck is a digital nomad? Do you need a yak and a yurt? Well, actually the term is much more prevalent these days and I’m sure most of you know it already. A digital nomad is someone who uses technology to work from anywhere in the world. I guess if you strictly go by that definition, I already am a digital nomad. I’m self employed online and I work from home, coffee shops, and libraries. However, I am mostly doing this from Portland. When I hear digital nomad, I’m thinking of someone who is blogging/freelancing from Bora Bora […]

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Education options for the kid if we move overseas

Education options for Mini RB40 if we move overseas

Our current plan is to reside in the US until Mini RB40 starts college, then we will live part time overseas. I would like to live in Thailand and then South America for a few years each. RB40 Jr. will start college in about 16 years and we will be 56. We won’t qualify for Medicare until 65, so I want to take advantage of the lower cost of healthcare overseas while exploring the world at the same time. Right now, we are in a pretty good school district and Jr. will attend the local public school until he graduates […]

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