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Bizarre Dream


Whoa, I had the most vivid bizarre dream last night! I haven’t dreamt like that in a long time (or at least I didn’t remember it after waking up.) It seems the subconscious mind is trying to work through all these little things and cobbled together a nutty screenplay. This is way off topic for the blog, but what the heck, it’s Friday. You can skip to the end if you’re more interested in the January blog round up.

sleep balloon

Illustration from It’s Time to Sleep, My Love, a great bedtime book.

3 … 2 … 1 … action!

Bye Bye Work

It was the last day at work before going on vacation so I decided to go out and have some fun with a bunch of coworkers. Strangely these coworkers were all my old college buddies and roommates! (That would be great, wouldn’t it?)

Amusement Park?

We decided to go to an amusement park/storage facility and ride some roller coasters. OK, this sounds like a strange combination, but maybe this could become a business idea? There was a super long line and we goofed off until we got to the ticket booth.

Ok this is where things start to turn weird. At the booth, there is a menu of choices that you can make. The regular entrance fee is $8 and there are a few other choices. The last choice is “pepper spray” for $30! I thought, wow, that must be a cool ride since it’s so much more expensive than the regular price. I picked that option and gave the cashier some money. The girl made a mistake and somehow handed me back $30 so I didn’t pay anything. I was so happy and I thought SCORE!

They diverted me into a room and sat me down. A guy in a white lab coat came out with what looks like a can of mace. He was about to pepper spray me and I said WTF! I thought this was a ride. Made an excuse saying I didn’t know mumble mumble…. Also made an inane comment about pepper steak and got the heck out of that wacky room. I went back to the line to enter and at this point I noticed that my buddies were gone.

Subterranean Storage Facility

On the way into the park/storage facility, I ran into my old boss Dave. (He got fired right before Christmas 2009.) He looked just the same with his khakis and a button-down shirt. Anyway, he introduced me to one of his friend (Tushar from Everything Finance?). Tushar had a storage space right near the entrance and we’ll revisit him later.

After that, I don’t know what happened to the amusement park, but suddenly we were walking around in a cavern system. It was dark (yeap, cave) and we each had a flash light. Apparently I had a storage unit here, too, and kept wandering around the crazy subterranean maze to see if a unit would jog my memory. As you walk down the tunnels and caves, there are doors off to both sides which access the storage space. I guess it is really kind of a dungeon.

After a long time of wandering in the dark, I still couldn’t find my unit so I was going to stash my stuff in Tushar’s storage unit. I had a laptop and a couple of other things that I planned to sell later. I’m not sure why I couldn’t just leave them at home before going on vacation.


We went back to Tushar’s storage space and went inside. It was a cave full of stuff and I felt like a caveman going in there. There was an altercation outside and we peeked out the door to see what was going on. A weird guy dressed like Willy Nelson crossed with Mad Max walked by carrying some kind of machete or axe while talking to himself. (I just saw a preview for Machete, a Robert Rodriguez movie, a few days ago.) I guess he chased off an intruder. He then went back into his trailer/storage unit. I decided to get the heck out of there before anything else happened.

Dave’s Doctor Office

We went back to Dave’s house. The house was converted into a clinic (like my dentist) and he gave me an exam. He ordered me a pill and I went back to the reception room to wait for it. A guy in a white lab coat (same guy from the amusement park?) came out and gave me a bizarre bulb squirter contraption. Imagine a tear-shape crystal bulb with a chrome nipple. The bulb was full of seltzer water and you can squeeze it as you wash down the big horse pill. After taking the pill, I slowly started to wake up as Dave was walking away to see another patient. I thought to myself. Holy Moly, THAT was a weird dream. I’d better go type it up.

The END!!!

Wow, that was pretty bizarre. If I didn’t get up and write it down, I wouldn’t have remembered a thing. Have you had any crazy dreams lately?  How did you interpret them?

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