10 reasons why I’m not cut out to be a landlord

10 reasons why I’m not cut out to be a landlord

Whew! It’s been kind of crazy around here lately. I decided to put our rental home and 4-plex up for sale and the whole process has been a bit hectic these past few weeks. Our tenants moved out of our rental home on Tuesday and since then, I have been fixing what I can. Next week, the contractors will take over and get it ready for sale. FYI, I manage the rental home myself and I have a property manager for the 4-plex. Why am I selling our rentals now? Things are just starting to turn the corner on the […]

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Why our monthly bills seem so low…

Why our monthly bills seem so low…

I just published our March cash flow report and many comments asked me to expand it a bit more. Why are our monthly bills so low? I’ll try to explain it today. How you keep your grocery bill so low? We spent $364 (+ $40) on groceries last month. Is this low for 2 adults and a small child? This is quite a bit more than what we spent when we didn’t have a kid. Five years ago, we spent less than $200/month on groceries. Now with a young child, we are trying to eat more organic food so the […]

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March 2014 Goals and Financial Update

March 2014 Goals and Financial Update

Oh man, can you believe it’s April? 2014 is already a quarter over! March was really busy for me again and April will be even more crazy. We decided to sell our rental home and 4 plex so I have been busy dealing with that. Our tenant just finished moving out of the rental home so I need to get it ready to sell. That will be a lot of work and I’m a bit stressed out. Hopefully, we’ll be done with all that soon and life will be a bit simpler. Anyway, let’s go over our 2014 New Year […]

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Financial Setbacks Can Strengthen Your Finances

financial crisis can make you stronger

I just read an article from Fidelity – Lessons from the financial crisis, and it made some interest points. It’s been five years since the Global Financial Crisis and the stock market has come a long way since then. The average 401(k) balance for pre-retirees at Fidelity nearly doubled from $93,000 to $165,200. Most of us have learned valuable lessons from the financial crisis and we are much more prepared financially than five years ago. Here are the key findings from Fidelity’s Five Years Later study. Investors have taken positive and permanent steps with their finances and are feeling more […]

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