Why We Buy So Much Useless Stuff

why we buy a lot of useless stuff

Recently, my friend Jerri visited from Seattle and brought a friend along. We had coffee, went for a stroll around Portland, and her friend purchased a Portland mug from Starbucks. She jokingly said, well, I gotta have a mug to show I was in Portland. I overheard this and I thought to myself, oh man, another piece of junk to clutter up the house. So we got into a discussion of why people buy these kitschy stuffs. They thought that it’s because we worked hard so we deserve to treat ourselves. I thought people just have too much disposable income. […]

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Hectic Summer Days

hectic summer days fun

Wow, this summer has been so hectic. I guess the last few summers have been a little slower because our kid was just a baby/toddler and we didn’t overload ourselves with activities. Now that Jr. is 3 year old, we are doing a lot more fun stuff, but it’s exhausting! Last year, he took afternoon naps so at least we’d have that little break in the middle of the day. Now, he gets up at 7 am and can’t fall asleep until about 9 pm. He’d say, “But it’s not dark yet” and refuse to go to bed… Hectic month […]

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Are You Living The Life You Want?

are you living the life you want? Life is short

Life is short. That’s what I figured out when I hit my 30s. Before that, I never gave much thought to the impermanency of things. I guess I’ve been lucky and I didn’t lose too many friends and family when I was young. As I got older, I became much more conscious of friends, family, coworkers, and even celebrities who passed away. Micheal Jackson, Christopher Reeve, Patrick Swayze, Steve Irvin, John Ritter are all people I grew up with and they all died pretty young. They made me realized that I have to find happiness now and not put it off […]

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Dividend Stock Portfolio Midyear Checkup

Dividend Stock Portfolio Midyear Checkup income retirement

Sadly, I have been neglecting our dividend portfolio this year. We have been so busy with our rentals that I haven’t paid attention to our other “passive income” streams. Fortunately, the sales of our rentals are now completed so I can give our dividend portfolio a thorough midyear checkup. I have got to say the dividend portfolio is my favorite passive income stream at the moment. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and I know the dividends will keep rolling in. These companies are pretty solid and even if the price drops a bit, I’m pretty sure they will […]

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