What’s Your Motivation?

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2011 was a great year for Retire By 40, thanks to all of you. This blog was started to keep track of my progress toward quitting the full time job by 2014. Along the way, I’ve met my goal of generating $500/month from this online venture. I’d like to end 2011 by taking a break from my normal post about finances and close on a more philosophical note with a post about motivation. We are all so busy with day to day life that we don’t have time to examine why is it that we do what we do. However, […]

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Make Your Mortgage Payment Before the New Year

pay mortgage before new year

When do you pay your mortgage? If you are like me, you probably pay the mortgage bill as close to the deadline as possible. This means that most people usually pay around the 7th of every month. (My bank will consider the bill as overdue on the 15th.) However, I make one exception every year to make sure and pay the January payment in December right before New Year’s Day. By paying before the New Year, I can take the home mortgage interest deduction in a few months – April 2012. If I wait until January 7th, then I won’t […]

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2012 Goals and Resolutions

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Baby RB40’s Goals for 2012 – walk – talk – quit drinking (formula) – stop hitting himself on the head Wow, those are some tough goals. Can you imagine having to learn to walk and talk? That has got to be tough, but a kid’s mind and body are so malleable. It would be awesome to be able to learn so many new things every day. On to my 2012 goals. Finance I don’t have a big financial goal for 2012 like last year’s goal of acquiring a 4-plex. This year will be all about cash flow. You can see […]

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2011 New Year’s Resolutions – Winter Update


2011 is almost over, can you believe it? The year practically flew by because we were so busy with work, blog, and baby RB40. This last quarter has been tough on the 2011 New Year’s resolutions – here is the recap. Financial Resolution 2011 Financial Goal – The only financial goal this year was to acquire a 4-plex rental property. It took 7 months, but we finally got it done in September. The 4-plex was a short sale and had some deferred maintenance. Over the past few months, we have been fixing the place up and I’m quite sure we’ll […]

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