2010 Progress Update


Previously on Retire By 40, I wrote about my Exit Strategy and Financial Goals and now I’ll conduct a little progress review. 1 Million dollars combined net worth (not counting principle residence) Grade: A-. We are doing pretty well this year due to the stock market recovery and additional contribution through out the year. additional 100k invested in yield-producing portfolio to help with expenses Grade: Incomplete. Not started yet. I’ll need to open this account in 2011 and move some investments over. additional 50k seed money for when opportunity comes knocking. Grade: Incomplete. Just started in 2010 and only have […]

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Retire By 40: Exit Strategy and Financial Goals


It’s the week between Christmas and New Year and the perfect time for me to recap my Exit Strategy and Financial Goals. Here is the recap of my early retirement strategy from the About blog page. up to age 40 – Work and build up net worth as much as we can and live a somewhat frugal lifestyle. See my How to Retire By 40 post to see what I’ve done so far. age 40 to 60s – Joe executes his exit strategy, explores self employment options and finds opportunities that generate some income. Michelle keeps working for now, she […]

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A Christmas Haggling Story


Last week Aloysa posted The Golden Rules of Haggling at Beating Broke and coincidentally, I encountered a Christmas haggling story at about the same time.  So gather round people and listen to this modern Christmas tale. *All names had been changed to protect the innocent. Jill’s story –  Jill is sponsoring a family for Christmas and she would love to get the boy his wish, a Wii. He lost a his leg and the Wii would be perfect for a little indoor physical activity. However, her budget was only $75 for the Wii. A new Wii + 2 controllers would […]

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November 2010 Credit Card Bill


Well, the day I’ve been dreading is here. The November credit card bill came and as expected, we had quite a few non- compliance charges on there. We were doing really well in September and October, but Black Friday and the holiday season got the better of us this year. Gas – $180. Road trip to CA. Public Transport – $47. I get $30 reimburse though. Pet Supplies – $58 Cell phone – $40 Internet – $30 Blog Expense – $55. Research for an upcoming guest post. Home Depot – $13. Two halogen bulbs. Target – $76. Multivitamins, Brita water […]

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