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June 2015 Goals and Financial Update


We’re back in Portland! Last week, we flew down to visit family and friends in the Southern California desert (near Palm Springs).  Wow, it was hot down there. We spent a lot of time hiding out in the AC cooled home in the middle of the day. Even Mrs. RB40 commented she didn’t know how she lived there for 18 years. I guess you don’t pay much attention to weather when you’re a kid. Anyway, we had fun visiting, but we’re super happy to be home.

I LOVE Portland in the summer. The weather is almost always perfect and there are so many fun things to do. I’m listening to the Blues Festival (Gregg Allman Band!) as I’m typing this at home. Our life is very good here. We don’t have any more big plans for the rest of the summer. We’ll probably go camping a couple of times and take some day trips. I want to drive down to Eugene for the Oregon Country Fair* next week. I have some college friends in Eugene that I haven’t seen in ages.

*Oregon Country Fair is hard to describe. It’s kind of like a Renaissance Fair for hippies…

Let’s quickly go over my New Year goals first and then see how we did with our cash flow in June.

2015 Goals

Invest $50,000 in our tax advantaged accounts (progress at 43%)

We added $3,598 to our tax advantaged accounts in June. That’s $21,436 so far in 2015. It’s midyear so we should be at the 50% mark with all our goals. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re a bit behind schedule with everything. I’m planning to contribute to our Roth IRA later this year so we should be okay for this goal.

Surpass $50,000 in RB40 Junior’s 529 account (about $5,000 to go)

He has $45,307 in his 529. We contribute $400 per month via auto deduction. We took a step back this month because the stock market dropped a bit. We’ll keep at it, but we might not finish this goal in 2015.

Generate $10,000 from our dividend portfolio (progress at 51%)

We received $1,282 in dividends in June. Wow! I love the third month of the quarter. We are at $5,082 so far this year. This boosted our progress from 38% to 51% in one month. You have to like that kind of progress.

Exercise 120 times (I gave up tracking…)

I went to the gym 6 times in June. I’m giving up tracking this because it’s too difficult. We went hiking and swimming a few times, too. We’ll have a pretty active summer and I’m sure I’ll exercise more than 10 times per month. I almost dropped my gym membership, but I decided to keep it for now. I’ll be able to go 4-5 times per month until school starts again in the fall. After that, I’ll be able to go more regularly. It’s tough to maintain fitness when you’re over 40 and are a stay at home parent!

Try 6 new restaurants in Portland (progress at 83%)

We tried 3 new restaurants in June. Unfortunately, they were all mediocre. Maybe I should modify this to – eat at 6 great new restaurants instead.

  • Saké Thai – We wanted to get some sushi and this place was in the neighborhood. It’s a Thai/sushi place… It’s not bad, but now I know to trust my instinct and go with Thai food when I hear people speaking Thai.
  • Thirsty Lion Pub – We got a complimentary dinner coupon in the mail so we checked this place out. They have a nice list of drinks, but the food was nothing special. It’s just the regular pub grub and I kept thinking my Reuben sandwich was missing something. Mrs. RB40 informed me the next day that they forgot the dressing when she took the left over half Reuben to work.
  • Sushi Park – A sushi place near PSU. Our regular sushi place was closed on Saturday so we decided to try this one out. I wasn’t impressed and won’t be back. If you’re near PSU, I recommend Takahashi 2 for cheap and good sushi.

Visit a foreign country (WIP)

We’re thinking about visiting Costa Rica for a couple weeks later this year. We’ll have to get a passport for Junior  and convince him to sit still for a photo soon.

Net Worth (+2% so far in 2015)

The S&P 500 was down almost 2% in June. Our net worth also dropped a little at -0.7%. My general goal is to increase our net worth by about 8% every year, but 2015 doesn’t look good. The S&P 500 only gained 15 points since January 1st so it’s almost impossible for us to gain 8%. That’s okay, though. We are investing for the long term so we’ll concentrate on keeping our asset allocation on target and continue to invest.

cash flow portfolio investment

If you need help keeping track of your finances, try using Personal Capital to manage your cash flow and portfolio. They just released a fantastic retirement calculator. I really like it. You can read my review here – The Best Free Retirement Calculator.

Cash Flow

June cash flowTake Home Income (target > $5,000)

Oh no! Our income is below our target this month. Actually, I didn’t have a chance to pick up my checks from the post office so that’s why my online income is lower than usual this month. I think next month should be back to normal.

Mrs. RB40’s Paychecks: $4,892.

Rental income: $235. The rental income was a bit low last month. I picked up a couple of tools and paid the trash bill.

Online income: $2,006. Our online income was pretty low in June. I’ll pick up those checks on Friday and they should help. Summer months are slower than the rest of the year so our online income might be a tad low for a bit. I will break down the online income and expenses in our monthly newsletter so if you’re curious, sign up with our email list.

Dividend: $1,283. I’ll write up the half year report soon. Meanwhile, you can see our dividend portfolio here.

Interest: $8. Interest rate is quite low so this will be small in the foreseeable future.

P2P lending: $59. Our ROI hovers at 7% and I’m not too hopeful for the prospect of P2P lending if the economy goes south. I’m slowly reducing our investment in this column.

Misc income: $40. Mrs. RB40 sold one of her purses on Craigslist.

Expense (target < $4,500)

Our personal expense was under budget at $4,284. That includes the bill for our trip to CA so that’s not bad at all. July should be even better.

Housing: $2,228. Mortgage, HOA, and 1/12 property tax.

Allowance: $140. Our cash envelope finally ran low so I had to withdraw some allowance.

Groceries: $295. We were out of town for a week so the grocery bill is a bit lower than usual.

Child/Dependent: $472. Preschool for June and July and swimming lessons.

Healthcare/Medical: $150.

Entertainment: $676. This includes the cost of our CA trip – cat sitter, parking at the airport, car rental, gas, food, and Legoland tickets. I’ll do a full write up next week on Legoland.

Misc: $2. Got a new shower curtain liner.

Transportation: $32. Filled up once this month.


Pre-Tax Saving: $3,598 in June. My solo 40k, Mrs. RB40’s 401k, and Junior’s 529 account.

Extra Saving: ($10,289 so far in 2015)

We had $690 left over in June. That’s lower than I like, but I count it as a win. This will help fund our vacation later this year.

Travel fund: $5,690

Roth IRA fund: $4,599. We haven’t funded our Roth IRA yet this year. I’ll send the money in when we have a significant pull back.

Overall, June was an okay month for us. Our expense was on the high side and our income was lower than usual. However, I’m pretty happy as long as we didn’t have a negative month. July and August should be pretty good.

Did you have a good June? Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

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